Thursday, January 6, 2011


Happy 2011 everyone! heehe....eventhough I'm 6 days late!

This new year has been a busy one and I haven't got the time to finish up the posts on my Japan Trip.

For this new year, I've gotten myself a new phone which I've been wanting for sometime now because I'm reluctant to pay a high price for a new electronic dictionary. My old one still works fine but the fact that it's not a touchscreen and therefore can't search for kanjis on it does make thigns hard.

Still exploring my phone, which I haven't got much chance to.....

But I'm loving the e-book reader. I'm currently reading twilight because it was the only other book I could find for free besides HP.

Well, I've been wanting to read twilight for a long time anyways. I wonder if there's a difference between the e-book and the actual book...

The first thing that came to mind when I first started reading was that it felt like I was reading a page out of the diary of a girl in her early teens. It reminds me of the stuffs I used to write in my diary ages ago.....boys~ and other stuffs that make me laugh when I re-read my old diaries. It's like, "What?? like that was such a great deal that you had to pen it in the diary?" haaha.....but mine was less egoistical.

I've never watched the movie, except the trailer for the 1st one and some movie posters. So I know how the casts look like and of course, the super hot Tayler Lautner who plays Jacob Black~!

I'm still halfway on the first book and so it's too early to judge. But for me, Twilight is like a romance novel and if it was a book on Bella's life, Edward is the main character in it. Her life basically centers around him and it felt more like lust rather than love. It talks about perfect faces, figures and body scents which attracts one to the other. The book is addictive and is written in such a way that I think every one who reads it will fall for Edward. It's hard not to when he's described so perfectly~~

At first I was trying to imagine Pi as Edward  but it was hard because I already knew Edward looked like! I had this flashing images of Pi to Robert to Pi and back to Robert again. In the end, I gave up, I'm just gonna coninue with imagining Robert Pattinson as Edward. It's hard to replace an image of a character you've already known.
I kept having the impression that Bella was a nobody who didn't have much self confidence from where she came from. But Edward said that she just doens't see herself very properly and she clearly attracts of a lot of attention from the opposite sex especially from fantasy creatures. Of course, Edward would be attracted to her! She's the only whose mind could not be read by him!
Seriously, did u think that a cenruty old vampire would just tell you stories about his clan which they've worked so hard to keep secret for centuries so simply to others??!!
I don't know why but somehow the story seems easy to predict. It's like I read something and think, "ok, of course it's like that because blah-blah" and next moment, I read my exact thoughts on the next chapter. Even so, I'm interested to know more about that hot, sexy vampire!! and how things will turn out for them!! That's why I said it's addictive!
I'm pretty sure that if Jacob Black was not played by Taylor Lautner, there would be no Team Jacob vs. Team Edward! If you read the book, Edward is like the most perfect thing in the whole wide world! But Taylor is a hottie and even I who have not watched any Twilight movie claims that I'm under Team Jacob~ yea!!
So far Jacob has only appeared twice in the book but I think his personality will be the opposite to that of Edward. He'll be kind and understanding and Bella might fall for it, but Jacob is still a child. Edward on the other had is cold, except for his hot face and body....and hot temper. His erm.....secrecy might be hard to handle. I don't know.... just predicting.
hahaha....hope I have time to finish the book tonight!

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