Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

Fourth night was at Hotel New Hankyu Osaka.
The room was one of the smallest throughout the entire trip.
Dumped all my shopping bags on daddy's bed and out we go to explore the city. The hotel is actually located on a prime located. The next time I visit, I might consider staying around this area as it's really convenient with major departmental stores all around and 2 major train stations nearyby: 1. Umeda station and 2. Osaka station.
We walked to Umeda station as it's late and the departmental stores have closed and I saw this~
woo-hoo 50% off CDs/DVDs but I didn't find any that I want.... :(
Have I mentioned that Arashi is really popular in Japan? They're like everywhere!!! Any other artists....well yea, I have to like REALLY LOOK to spot them, but for Arashi...I seem them every 1 hour and every single night on TV!

They advertise for sooo many things. Not just as a group but also as individual members! While on the bus and we were passing by some shops, I'll be thinking, "Oh, arashi....and oh, again......"
Location map of the area. Spot Yodobashi Umeda? Hanshin Depart and Daimaru? oo...such a good place to shop but such bad timing~ I'll be leaving early in the morning before any of the departmental stores open. Such a convenient to Shin-Osaka station by shinkansen then take normal trains to Osaka/ Umeda station or  easily get here via airport limousine from Osaka airport too.
While searching for the Disney store located inside the station, I spotted my Pi!!! FINALLY~!!!! I would probably scream if I could see a NEWS ad. Lol.....I had to stop to snap this pic though u can hardly see my face. ^_^! dynabook!
Passed by a department store which was closing, so no point in entering.....*sigh*
Then Yodobashi which was also closing.....*sigh*
For supper, I had McD's McPork again. Lol.....just the thought that I won't get it back in kl made me crave for it. That's why I quickly went and bought ont when I saw a McD.
It's a good thing that breakfast starts early at 7am. But we went there only at about 8am. I was plannning to take the 9am shinkansen out of Osaka first thing the next morning.

Why the rush?
Well because I had to make good use of the remaning time that we have in Tokyo! As from the next morning onwards we would be TOUR-FREE AND GUIDE-FREE. YAHOOO~~~ Freedom and I would get to go to places that I really want to visit and actually see things that I want to buy!
Western + Japanese style buffet breakfast. I don't take usually take butter...but I do, in Japan only when it states specifically Hokkaido butter. *sniff* I'm missing the wide selection of juices already.....
I usually have more than what you see in the pictures that I take because most of the time, I would have forgotten to snap any more pictures after the 2nd or 3rd round. hehee.....
Next would be to check out and off we go to Osaka station with our luggage!! Umeda station is nearer but there's no shinkansen there and it's only a slight longer walk to Osaka station which is big though not as big as Tokyo station.

Well, technically the largest train station in the world in Nagoya station in Aichi and the second is Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. But Shinjuku Station  is the busiest station in the world, being used by about 3.5 million people per day.

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