Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hotel Toyota Castle

The 3rd hotel was Hotel Toyota Castle, in Toyota City. The best room among all others on this trip, in my opinion.

I absolutely love the toilet! which is why I gave the room No. 1!!!

It's like I've walked into my dream toilet. Simple but nice!

Ok, here's the sink, pretty normal
The bottom of the sink. See the flooring??
Pretty, no? Uuu...I love it!!
As in electric toilet bowl
with fancy buttons
The bathroom which has a very traditional japanese concept with a washing area at the side and a bath tub.
ooo..shiseido amneties. Can you spot the flooring??
See...see~ Nice?? Where do they get all these nice flooring?? Ok, I think I'm mad now.....about toilet floorings.
The standard double room which feels warm because of the wood furniture and red beddings.
Look what I found on the bedside table~ how thoughful....
As in any hotels, a vending machine area.

Too bad there's only 1 choice for breakfast.
Simple breakfast...
Miso soup
Views from the room.............

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