Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kimono show

Since we still had extra time after Arashiyama and we had only one more item on our itinenary which was the Heian Shrine....the tour guide asked if we wanted to pay extra to go to a kimono show and later to Shinsaibashi for some shopping. Naturally we all agreed to pay the extra 1.5k yen per person.

I found 2 kimonos that I like from the kimono show and they both happened to be red.

One is this one with the short sleeve. No idea what it is called. I wonder if this is a type of 'komon' as it has small, repeated patterns throughout the kimono.
The other one is this long sleeved one which is also known as furisode (swinging sleeves) which is the most formal kind of kimono for unmarried woman. This type is usually worn at 'seijin shiki' (coming of age ceremonies).

Some of the other kimonos. The ones with patterns only below the waistline and have short sleeves might be called 'tomesode'. Married women will wear these. nice it is to be young, to be able to wear the ones with the swinging sleeves.

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