Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kyoto Heian Shrine

After the kimono show, we travelled again...and on the way we passed by the duck river because of all the ducks there.
This is the main torii to the famous Heian Shrine of Kyoto. It is one of the largest in Japan.
:) While walking there, I spotted a Maple tree that hasn't gone bald yet!
First, we washed our hands....
....and walk through these gates (Oten-mon) to enter. This shrine was built in 1895 and the main building is an imitation of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
Beer which were given as offerings.
ooopps....there were some refurbishing going on here and there. Here the the outer hall for worshipping (daigoku-den).
The blue dragon tower (Soryu-ro) and more of the beautiful trees that I love.
In front, on the left Sakon the sakura tree, which is currently bald. :( You can see that they covered up the branches to keep the tree warm.
Yes, it's written here that the sakura is Japan's national flower. We once had a debate in class because others were saying that it's the crysanthemum or the maple. But I was sure as I once made a speech about Japan's national flower!!
And on the right is Ukon no tachibana which is a mandarin orange tree.
They've even built a hut to keep it nice and warm.
The main you can see there are beautiful gardens here at the Shrine but unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to visit any.
Oh least, I still have these trees!
The white tiger (byakko) located on the left side before the white tiger tower (byakko -ro).
The blue dragon (soryu) in front of the soryu-ro.
heehe...reminds me of fushigi yuugi.
Omikujis predicting bad luck?
And that's it of the Heian Shrine trip. It's really a waste that we never got to visit the beautiful gardens~

While leaving, I saw rickshaws again.... I've never rode on one before.....

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