Friday, January 7, 2011

Kyoto tram ride

Day 3- Kyoto

We left the hotel early and rode all the way from Toyota to Kyoto.
Passed by Nagoya Stadium....
An amusement park by the sea....
Look at the rollercoaster! I lost my breath just staring at it~~
I could imagine myself screaming like a mad woman on this....
Next, we stopped by Tsuchiyama service area.
On a cold day like's great to know that toilets too provide us with warm tap water to wash our hands. Look out for the sign.
We finally arrived an old town in Kyoto where we got to experience an old tram ride. hehe....ppl from my tour taking a peek at how to buy tickets.
Traditional tram cars which has been around even before our parents were born???
Look at the conductor's controls.
For adults, it costs only 200 yen per rife.
Yay...finally we arrived at Arashiyama.
You can already see stalls selling local snacks at the station....
....and traditional goods.
You can even spot Hello Kitty at a small traditional town such as this.
This is the restaurant where we dined at- "Arashiyama restaurant".
It looks like a canteen. There are many tables but there were all empty by the time we arrived because we were late.

During this time of the year, the school students will be having their graduation trip so we saw many students- elementary/ high school/ middle school, in many of the area we visited. There were a few buses of students and tourists who left before us.
Spaghetti?? hahaa.....
A traditional yuudofu meal.
Furikake on japanese rice is the best!!

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