Monday, January 31, 2011

Odaiba- Aqua Decks....

Odaiba is an artificial island at the Tokyo Bay. It was initially built for defense but it has quickly developed into a commercial and leisure area since then.

Just like Asakusa, Odaiba holds special memories for me and also there's just so many things that I want to visit here that I just had to come back again and I will again in the future as there's still many uncovered areas. Most importantly, the science museum which I didn't have to visit!!!!

I wonder if I can get some place cheap to stay over here so that I don't have to keep travelling back and forth. hmm...if not mistaken the monorail like Yurikamome line is more expensive as compared to the Rinkai line which is underground, due the magnificent view that you get.
Once you exit Tokyo Teleport station, you will see Venus Fort some 5mins walk in front. But we turned around and headed to Aqua Decks Beach which is about 10mins walk from the station. The view is just amazing and you can immediately spot the back of Fuji TV. Even now, I still think that it looks futuristic.

Spot the globe observation deck in the front? It costs 500yen to enter but you get to view a small exhibition area with all fuji tv's characters and you'll get to buy character goods.
In front of me were several huge department stores and I was trying to decide which to enter. In the end I entered Aqua City.

Here's the first view that I got when I entered from the top of Aqua City. For more info:
There is so much you can explore here. There is Cinema Mediage on the 1st floor which is like one of the largest cinemas in Tokyo, Sony Explora Science on the 5th floor where you can explore the latest 3D tech or play with lights and sounds.

 Dad was hungry so I've gotta look for a place to eat. We went to this Ramen Kokugikan -Men Matsuri....sorta like a ramen museum located on the 5th floor, except no entrance fees and you get to try famous ramen from different stalls from different areas in Japan.
On the way in, you can already see the decos a more traditional style.
A small intro and the lucky few shops that were there......
Heads up!
hmm...doesn't the guy chef in the picture look familiar? Anyone watched Iron Chef?

He's Kenichi Chin, the renowned Iron Chef for chinese cuisine.

Dad's spicy ramen with egg
Extra condiments
I went to Ippudo and ordered their recommended special pork ramen.
Ta-da!!! Love this.....yummy~~
Too bad that I didn't get to try other stuffs such as gyoza there....maybe next time.
I initially wanted to try Tonkatsu Wako too, which serves katsudon. Read that the place is quite popular and is really good. Unfortunately I didn't have much time and have limited stomach space....

Walk out and you get a nice view of rainbow bridge and the mini statue of Liberty. Well....the bridge is technically white but at night it becomes colouful like a rainbow thanks to lightings.
It's almost sunset....
You've probably seen this view before if you are a fan of Japanese can see a lot of couple dating here. new warm boots~! The kid at the side looks so funny....his hair is like super stylo in this pic.
hmm...what's aqua city without a little aquarium eh?
On the 4th floor you can find a Daiso (100 yen shop) and Tokyo Leisureland which is an amusement park.

On the 3rd floor, you can find a DISNEY STORE!!! Whee....I love DISNEY. Before going to Japan, I've been checking for Disney stores that I can visit!
And best of all......VIVITIX!!! Hollo Kitty anyone??? Vivitix is the more fashionable and trendy version of Hello Kitty Gift Gate geared towards adults. They sell a lot of limited edition products that cannot be easily found else where and *ahem* pricey items too.
I was so sad I tell you that I dd not bring enough money!!! Plus it was also near the end of my trip and I've spend most of my money on food before this! ahhh....I so wanted to get a Hello Kitty wallet and I saw a guy bought it~!! Dunno for his gf or wat....but yea~! I so wanted the one that he took!!!
They even sell really cute Christmas cards with amazing lighing features.
But erm yea......pricey!
I can sooo see the bear going, "whee......santa!!" and the reindeer singing a christmas carol.
Original hello kitty bags and luggages.
Spot the gold Hello Kitty wallet?? That's the one I wanted!!!!
Uuuu and Hello Kitty dolls!!! I love Kitty-chan in the Melody costume.
See.....Hello Kitty x leopard designs.
Hello Kitty Watches.....
Hellow Kitty electronic products.
....and Clothes!!! My favourite combination! Pink and Black + Hello Kitty!!! Ahhh.....I'm so coming back to buy for clothes next time!
Expensive trinkets....
Toasters, phone holder, telephones.....
Ahh....It's a girls's heaven here.....

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