Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh silly me, Totally left out the post on Shinsaibashi on my 4th evening in Osaka before arriving at the hotel.

Welcome to shinsaibashi! which is one of the main shopping areas in Osaka.
I love the area though it is immensely crowded! I love people watching!!

On the way in, you can already notice the very bold display and designs of the shops there. Just look at the displays and you'll know what the shop sells.

Not only might realise that the language here is different too and people speak more openly.
I really enjoyed 'people watching' here. So many different characters and styles. Young people here are really fashionable too.
I somehow felt that guys here are taller than in Tokyo. Most of these tall 'ikemen' (handsome guy) who dresses really well are those responsible for drawing in customers. I think I must've been watching too much 'Ouran host club' because whenever I see a ikemen dressed in a suit and attracting customers.....I was
Oooo....fugu....and one daring enough to try it?
Whee....Shinsaibashi, Let the shopping begin. There are a lot of branded shops here. Besides that, there also many interesting shops selling local food, fashion clothings and drug stores.
Oh this kani yummylicious. 500yen for just 2 small pieces of bbq-ed crab leg. Yum~
Maybe next time, I'll just enter a shop like this and savour one big crab myself! apparently a bowling alley if I'm not mistaken. Such bold designs~!!
Then I spotted this.....hehehe...... the adult's convenient shop!! Interesting, I wanted to enter just to see what do they sell but we were in a rush. :(
hmm spot the little signage? Shop of the adult by the adult for the adult.
Remember my post on GU? GU can be found here too....

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