Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lorong Satu

Lorong Satu at Taipan

Cendol special~
This is good to be shared among friends as the serving is huge. Costs RM9 per bowl, so it should be huge!

Penang style prawn mee....
Nice~ Love that the soup is flavourful.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sushi Zanmai Yee Sang

Went for dinner with seawitch n she suddenly wanted to lou sang since it was cny, so we went to sushi zanmai to try their prosperity yee sang.

Ordered the 2 pax one and this is how it looks like.....japanese style yee sang???

This is the for the nabe pot.....

hot soup boiling~

Garlic fried rice.
Absolutely love this dish! It's so fragrant~ if you liek garlic you will love this dish!

Selection of sushis~
And lastly unatamadon!
(forgot to tone down on the flash....hehehe)

Master Chef Pancy

Pancy left for Aus today to continue her studies.

All the best to you girl~

When I visited Brunei in Jan, she cooked up some fabulous dishes for a few of us.

Yummylicious salted egg prawns. My favourite~!!!

Steamed fish.
Even chong who is not such a great fan of fishes enjoyed this dish!

Some vegetables....

...and bittergourd!! ew..... didn't touch this at all, hahaha...
and... I left out the star of the day, which is the CRAB!!
because I was too busy eating at that time....

Thanks dear for cooking all these lovely dishes for us. Truly enjoyed it, esp the prawns!

May you have a great start to a new live in melbourne!
All the best with your studies!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a pup's life

Look at all these cute clothes....
Think they're children clothes?
Think again......

The pic was actually taken from a pet's clothing store at Venus Fort.

At Venus Fort, you can shop around in the shopping centre freely with your pets provided that they are toilet trained.
All the dogs that I saw are super well trained. They don't even bark or try to sniff around.
If you see lady talking into her baby carriage, it's probably just her dog......

Can you see the white poodle?
Try and spot the brown one behind it.....
Uhh...the brown one is soo cute and it looks like a teddy bear!
I actually went inside the store to try and take a pic of him.

If you're interested in buying a pet dog, this is where you visit.

Check out the price!!!!

I spotted an ownder taking pic of her dogs on a little car. So I took the chance and snapped one pic too.

Snack- McD again....their chicken bacon burger!! yum yum~

Before leaving I spotted the cat bus from totoro.

Paddington House of Pancake

A small little meet up with 2 my of cousins who will be going to Australia at Paddington house of Pancake.

Plain pancakes with peach sauce and strawberry ice cream. It comes with maple syrup for you to pour over the yummy pancakes.
A very chocolaty dish....orea pancakes with chocolate ice cream, marshmellows and strawberries, drizzled with chocolate syrup.
Rolled chocolate crepe served with chocolate ice cream and syrup.
Hmmm....can never say no to a  yummylicious dessert~

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise

This is Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise which just opened last year.
It is located in Venus Fort, Odaiba.

Making the trip to Odaiba was really a great choice because I got to see really beautiful views and I entered 3 different hello kitty stores!!!
Thye even have Hello Kitty Xmas trees!!

Hello Kitty Pancakes!! hehe If I wasn't so full....I might order one too~

These Hello Kitty dolls in pink and purple are super cute!!! I want one!! If they still have it, I will get one next time. I must save up for "Hello Kitty goodies shopping money"

Make a wish to "Kitty and pals" santa!

This is the play room. You can see staffs dressed up in cutesy costumes, telling stories and playing with kids.
Just look at the play area!! I don't remember playing in a ball pool as pretty as this before lo~~~ Kids nowadays are so lucky!!

*Makes a wish by the Kitty tree*

All hail Queen Kitty!~~ *bows*
And to cute little Melody-chan cupids!

Even trees are pink...

Lovely kitty-chan jewelries....they come on pretty price tags expensive ah!

This shop is not's pink! But because of the lighting, it looks yellowish in this picture.
Just look at how design~ so intricate~ so detailed~ isn't it??? This is after all kitty-chan's paradise~!!!

More kitty-chan goodies~


it's sooo cute!! Kitty in a melody costume~

Actually white ones are pretty too~

Even the small minis one~

I want Melody-chan's head too.....

Melody-chan looks Soooo innocent~~~

Hello Kitty play set~

Pink heart shaped chocolates anyone?

Ah....even all the games are Hello Kitty and pals related!

UFO catchers are really popular there......

Ooo I really love this design...whether small, medium or big!

Walk past the Kitty hall of fame~
Ok, I seriously like everything there is about this shop. I love the chandelier, the wallpaper, the photoframes......and every single thing in it!!! If only I have the money to transform my room.......