Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Was really happy when I found out that MOF opened a branch in Sunway Pyramid because I've heard that they serve very delicious deserts. After visiting the the place once for dessert, I've decided to revisit to try some of their mains.
 And boy, were we disappointed~!!!

This pasta was.....horrible....
So is this one.....

...and this one. This was actually the best out of the 3! Their pastas are too soft and the the way they were cooked....was just bad.

This is the best main of the night. I guess you can never go wrong with unagi.

Thankgoodness the desserts were good!!!

Their ice cream are made from Hokkaido milk so that's a plus. This below here comes with red bean paste and hot fried potatoes. yummy~
Hokkaido soft serve with fruit cocktails and red bean paste.
This last one here a a bit sad due to it's "small" size!! but it's still good.
Overall, I would definitely come back for desserts but not for any mains.

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