Friday, February 18, 2011

Some pictures of the flood in johore area

Snapped these pics of the flood from my phone during cny while going to johore.

We had to take a huge detour because the the roads have been badly flooded.

 You can only see the top of the trees....not only trees, but also roofs of houses too. It's really a bad timing esp when it happened a few days prior to cny.

 Even though the flood has subsided in some area but you can still see the effects from it. Many shops remained closed and you can see the owners busy cleaning the shops on the first day of cny, trying to sweep away the mud. People threw away furnitures and electrical equipments.
And petrol stations had to close down too. See the kiosk at the petrol station?? The huge glass broken and the goods inside gone.

It's really sad cuz while we were happily celebrating cny and collecting red packets. Others have lost so many things due the floods and even their homes.

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