Monday, February 7, 2011

Tokyo Leisureland

This is what Tokyo Leisureland looks like.....
Filled with loads of games. It's a HUGE arcade.
So tempted to try one of UFO catchers but I didn't because I knew that it would be difficult and I never have any luck with these plus once you've tried it, you continue on thinking that the next chance would be the one!!!
Purikura or photo sticker booths~
Look! A hello kitty one. Spot the small bunny-eared one in the  middle? It's to make it easier for those who want to play to catch a doll. There's a guy walking around to replace or change them.
ooo....Hello Kitty X leaopard designs =  so pretty!~
Little aliens from Toy Story....see, there's always one that's left outside.
hmm...Mickey x abstract art???
Cute little monkeys......
Glamour girl??
Tails anyone???
huge mickey gloves!....and LOADS MORE!!!
I think this is a gambling machine......but I have no idea what it's called nor how to use it.
All I know is that, there are lots of coins inside......
Jackpot???? racing! I love these wehn I was younger but I never win!!!
Oh...and this is a new one. Nope it's not a motorcycle, it's a bicycle! So much for exercise bikes! With these, more and more people will exercise!!! haaha......

Dancing machines anyone? Me? I'll stick to the dance floor.....
And I spotted Hatsune Miku, the 3D hologram singer~!

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