Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toyota Megaweb Showroom

After Aqua City, we walked back to the Tokyo Teleport station and continued all the way to Palette Town.

On the way, we spotted a bulding under construction and saw a X'mas I guess nothing goes undecorated during the festive season.
Ta-da~ even from afar one could see Venus Fort (which is locted in Palette Town) thanks to the daikanransha (ferris wheel). I've been on this same one 5 years ago :)
Venus Fort~
Some outdoor sports for kids.... *bounce bounce bounce *
Toyota Megaweb is the largest Toyota showroom in the World. It is located on 3 separate buildings and has 6 exhibits. The entrance is free, you can touch, explore and take pictures with any cars you like! Lexus and Daihatsu models can be found here too.

This "IQ" is the first car that I saw, I suspect it was decorated for either CNY or some chinese wedding.
My dream car....hehee.....
This is nice too.....
Then on to the bottom floor of the showcase.
It's like a normal showroom where you get to see the latest car models and test drive...but yet it's so much more. You can enter any car and snap pics as you like. There are many games and activities for you to try. There is also car rides and little race tracks for kids. It's a bit like a learning centre for cars too.

See....a family having fun in a globe filled with fake snow.
Drivers workout. The 2 kids are in opposing team and they have to hir the spots where the red light lights up. Whoever hits the most gets the highest point. It's like a game to test the drivers eye sight and attention.
Racing game?? or test driving game???
I've found my camping truck!!! so cute!!!
Little racing area for kids. The guy in the front was teahing the little girl next to him about these little cars?? He was telling her how it works and stuffs.
A prius hybrid.....opened apart~
The prius is supposed to be an energy efficient car!
And then....I spotted my dream team! haaha....
At hybrid wonderland, I took part in this cute little challenge......
.....where I'm supposed to drive the prius hybrid car by controlling the gasoline and electricity in well as the brake.
A small young japanese boy was standing next to me while I was playing it. He must be wondering why an old lady like myself if hogging the game....LOL. When I told him that it's his turn, he shouted in joy!

I think hybrid cars are really get to save up on fuel and save cost.

Here's a chart showing the Toyota's hybrid car evolution. I think we don't have many of these models over here.

The night when I was there, there was this promotion on the E-com ride where you pay for 1 and 2 person will get to ride, but we just didn't have enough time to wait. Well also cuz I've been on it before. Basically you just strap yourself onto the car and it will travel by itself on a fixed route without any assistance. Not so fun for ppl who actually drive as we can opt to test drive the cars.

For more information:

First we headed off to Toyota Megaweb showroom which is the largest exhibit.

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