Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The picture in the wallet

I've been getting teary a lot lately esp. whenever I see news about the Japan earthquake.

I was just looking some pictures of the post-earthquake pictures.....many of the the survivors were looking for their missing family members while others went back to their homes (or what's left of it, if it has not been swept away by thte tsunami) to look for family pictures. Those who did not have any pictures could only walk on foot and search by word of mouth.

Then it hit me, if one day....(touch wood) something similar happens to you....what would you have with you. It's natural that everytime we leave home we would have our wallets with us. Our wallet!!!

Unconciously I reached for my wallet and "found" that I do have a family picture in it. :)

In that wallet of yours, do you have pictures of your loved ones?

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