Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food Tastng at Hilton

Went for a food tasting and this is what they prepared for 3 person.
The food is definitely more that enough to feed more than 3 but they wouldn't allow any more than that.

The presentation and services were impeccable during the food tasting.
Sadly, the same could not be said for the actual event.

I love this dish so much!! Smoked salmon with assorted seafoods such as prawns, squids and mussels.

Forgot what this is called but it tastes horrible. The crunchy bread wasn't that crunchy.

This is definitely one othe the best cheese cake I've ever had.....yes, this tear drop shaped macadamia cheese cake. I was sooo looking forward to it during the actual event, but unfortunately it just could not be compared to the one at the food tasting. Something must have went wrong somewhere.

I would definitely want to have this cake again.....

Some creme de.....something. Looks great but not my kind of dessert, except for the strawberries heeehee.....

Chocolate mousse. I normally prefer thick, fudgy, super rich chocolate cake so mousse is not really my kind of thing. This mousse cake has a consistency of a pudding, with back sesame seeds. Didn't really like this.

Assorted buns.

Prawn curry. Tasted good.

Vegetables curry.....horrible!! The flavour of the curry was not absorbed by the veges at all. This was one of the dishes with the most left over after the event.

Grilled chicken with mushrooms. Love the smooth texture of the chicken, really tender.

I like this mediterranean soup, with loads of seafood in a tomato based soup topped with pesto sauce.......but my colleagues thought otherwise and changed it to mushroom soup instead. ^_^!!
I now know why people always say that food served at food tastings always tastes better than the actual.

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