Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mango and Peach ice cream

McD's ice cream

It's funny how I never liked McD vanilla ice cream. Yes I never ever buy the vanilla sundae cone.
I used to only eat the Mcflurry. And I used to wonder why ppl bother buying their boring o' sundae cone when there's nothing special about it. I prefer ice cream that comes in strong, rich flavours with nuts, choc chips or fruit pieces. And come to think of it, I think just the plain whiteness of the it has something to do with the way I judge it. heehe.....

Then I don't know when....maybe since last year or the year before, I started to crave for McD ice cream....especially after sweating it out in dance class.

A nice cold ice cream sundae is like 'the reward' for having worked hard in class. haaha.....

Anyways...I still don't like the plain sundae, I normally prefer those that are drenched in hot chocolate fudge or comes with other condiments.

In recently years, they've comed up with new and seasonal flavours such as this mango and peach. yes.....refreshing~ but in my heart....there is still nothing the beats warm-gooey-chocolate fudge!!! ahh......heaven~~

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