Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My lab mates have been telling me about this new Italian restaurant in Sunway Pyramid that serves great pastas in huge portion.

So naturally, I had been wanting to try it.

*ching ching* opportunity came when seawitch invited me for Fast & Furious 5.

Great movie btw, even though I have not watched the first 4! haahaa.....Vin Diesel is hot~!!! Oh and the cars too!!!

Ok, it turns out that Capricciosa is an italian restaurant from Japan!!! Is is opened by ....and has been around since 1978! They have about restaurants world wide!! Wow~ (and I found out about all of this only after googgling it! haaha....

Reason: When we entered the restaurant, I saw a sign in japanese that read "Italian food". And I kept wondering why would an italian restaurant have a japanese sign!!!???


Cranberry drink

Look at the neat deco of the place.

Seawitch enjoying her coffee~


Calamari and marinated tuna salad
Love the salad, the waiters even provided us with cold plates for the salad. And he came to ask us if we wanted pepper.

Since my mind was fully focused on to the salad, I didn't really hear what he said. After the salad, I realised that we have pepper on out table and I wondered why did he came to ask us if we wanted pepper when we could have added it ourselves.

Seawitch said that the waiter specificalyl mentioned, "FRESHLY GROUNDED PEPPER".


Love this pasta dish.

It's freshly made fettucine with smoked salmon in creamy tomato sauce. the saltyness of the smoked salmon with the smooth creamy sauce!!!

Ahhh.... I want more!!!!!
Love freshly made pastas!!!

I've already told seawitch that we had to revisit for more pastas. :D

For dessert, a classic Italian Tiramisu....
Not really a tiramisu fan, but personally I preferred the one from Alexis.

:) Try capriocciosa now!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sky is the limit of the earliest friends I've made in Malaysia by randomly talking to her at KJ lrt station as we were both wearing red fc t-shirts. Since then, she has been a great friend.

We met up almost every weekend because of fc gatherings and we soon started dancing together too. These eventually lead to sleep overs and hang outs.

But soon, it was more that just that...she was a great friend.

Years has passed and it's now time for her to chase her dream. Mine too~ both our new journey came at about the same time.

She's leaving to Malacca to persue a course in make-up artist. So all the best to her!

P/S: do I get a free make-up session, Sora??

Met up with Sora before she left and we had dinner at Gong Fu Restaurant, located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Nice and cozy place.

There are few customers and thus a great place for chit-chat.

The pretty gal~

Our chinese herbal tea.

This is a very chinese restaurant........from the dishes that they serve.

This is super good and I've never had anything like this. This "chu chang fen" has been pre pan fried with omelette, before wrapping and thus is really fragrant.

Gyouzas. Yummy~ perfect skin and pan fried to perfection. I love a place that serves good gyouzas.

Steamed pork rice. This, on the other hand, is a let down. When we entered the restaurant, we smelled really yummy stuffs and figured that it was the steamed rice. But maybe we just ordered the wrong dish. This dish would be perfect if there was a little more sauced and if the rice is a lil' burnt.
They serve some chinese desserts too....but we wanted to go somewhere else.....

.....and we went to "Tian Ping Keke" which is a hk dessert place at Sunway Damansara, just opposite The Strand. This is a first for me.

This is mine, black sesame and re bean soup with lotus seed.

Yummeh~ We could have just came here for dinner in the first place and I could have had more dessert!! haaha....

This is sooo good. I love love love black sesame soup then red bean and green bean soup....and I love lotus seeds. There were toooooo many different combos to choose from. But alas, eventually I had to pick only 1.

Mango ice! hmm....refreshing!!!
Yup, would definitely be back here for more desserts.

Personally, I prefer this place to snow flakes......because I don't really like the chewy stuffs that they give and there's not much choices there. The ice dessert would be great if there wasn't any sticky and chewy stuffs. And their "tau fu fa" is horrible. Any market place serves a better one.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great chit-chat session

Went out 2 weeks ago with my dance instructor/ dance mate/ great friend.

We were supposed to go for kroean bbq but then since it was mother's day, they don't serve for 2 plus we didn't make reservations. So we went to Empire shopping gallery and the only place that could have us was Italiannies.....thier high table meant for drinking, to be exact.

:) nonetheless, we took it!


Fried calamari salad. Love love love the crunchy calamari!!! and I discovered that artichoke hearts are really tasty!!! I'll definitely have this salad again.

Seafood pasta. I forgot the actual name because this is the less memorable dish. In fact, it was below average, we left about more than half of it.

Dessert was great! Yummy creme bruleee~!!! So much better than the one I had at full house. Love the crunchy caramelised sugar on top and the sweet, smooth creme at the bottom.
I really enjoyed the great chit-chat session.

Can't wait for the next outing.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tired days....

This is the night view I get when I finish late in Uni.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Taiwanese food

Was at summit for a performance like....a month ago~ heehe...and we had taiwanese food for dinner.

This is "Ru rou fan" = braised meat rice, which is a common dish in most taiwanese restaurants.

Fried wontons.

Beef ball soup. hmm... looks really oily.

My noodles....forgot what it's called but it tasted only so-so......I prefer Xian Ding Wei or Din Tai Fung.

Spicy chicken set!
sigh.....just when I thought I would have some extra free time with tomorrow being a public holiday. Then *boom*, I get an email at noon.....and more things to do!!

N no dance for the coming 2 weeks..... :(

The fact that I'm sooo busy now, I'm really glad that I got to go on the Japan trip last year with my dad and that I took the time to go back to Brunei~ :D

I'm really looking forward to when I graduate and then I'll take a long holiday. I wanna backpack Japan and then I wanna go to Melb to visit my fav cuzzie, bestie, PM (my senpai in the field of bm) and friends whom I haven't seen in a really long time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alexis, Gardens

Jas is officially back in kl....

So naturally, we had to meet up!!

Where to?

To Alexis, at the Gardens cuase I've read sooo many food blogs that raved about their cakes.

Seawitch's coffee....

Jas' house brew coffee....

Brown and white sugar

My hot chocolate....yummy~

Read that their mains are not so good but we were hungry as we have not had lunch so we ordered a few to try. This here is their seafood spaghetti and yes, it doesn't taste up to standard. :(

Next up is the roast chicken and nope, it's not that nice either! :( :(

 Company #1

Company #2

Their famous tiramisu cake! yummylicious! Love the caramelised sugar sprinkled on top of the cake and the texture of it. Plus the it leaves you wanting more.

This is my favourite dessert!! Their chocolate tarte with macadamia nuts! Mmmm the rich chocolate with smooth texture, matched with crunchy roasted macadamia! Ahhh.....heaven~~ I absolutely love this!!! Would definitely revisit the place for this!!!

I think this is the raspberry cheesecake if I'm not mistaken! It's not bad too, better than the average cheese ckae out there. Love the texture!~
Right~ lesson learnt: Trust food blogs when they say that the food is not nice. haahaa.....but oh well, we won't know till we've actually tried it.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

more japanese food~

some ppl have stopped taking jap food fearing radiation contamination.....

but ppl like me.......heehe.....

nyom~ nyom~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sushi any day....

Soft shell crab maki

Potato curry

Assorted selection of sushis

Saturday, May 7, 2011

BBQ Chicken rice

My lunch in at the food court in uni.

BBQ chicken rice
There are seriously many restaurants in uni but I don't have the time and chance to try all of them....haaha...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bubba Gump

Supper at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyrmid

Use this sign to show that things are running smoothly. When you wanna call a waiter, just switch it to the red sign saying "Stop forest Stop" and the waiter will come to your table.

We ordered their smoothies and quenchers. Nice and refreshing~~plus they come in attractive colours which are obviously food colourings.

A wide array of main dishes featuring shrimps

Shrimper's heaven with 4 different types of shrimp and fries on the side. Good for sharing with friends.

"I'm stuffed" Shrimp. Absolutely love this dish....the rich cream sauce with shrimp and the piece of garlic toast! Yummy~

For dessert, our ice cream cake. A really huge one....and it took me much strength to cut it into 4 equal pieces.