Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My lab mates have been telling me about this new Italian restaurant in Sunway Pyramid that serves great pastas in huge portion.

So naturally, I had been wanting to try it.

*ching ching* opportunity came when seawitch invited me for Fast & Furious 5.

Great movie btw, even though I have not watched the first 4! haahaa.....Vin Diesel is hot~!!! Oh and the cars too!!!

Ok, it turns out that Capricciosa is an italian restaurant from Japan!!! Is is opened by ....and has been around since 1978! They have about restaurants world wide!! Wow~ (and I found out about all of this only after googgling it! haaha....

Reason: When we entered the restaurant, I saw a sign in japanese that read "Italian food". And I kept wondering why would an italian restaurant have a japanese sign!!!???


Cranberry drink

Look at the neat deco of the place.

Seawitch enjoying her coffee~


Calamari and marinated tuna salad
Love the salad, the waiters even provided us with cold plates for the salad. And he came to ask us if we wanted pepper.

Since my mind was fully focused on to the salad, I didn't really hear what he said. After the salad, I realised that we have pepper on out table and I wondered why did he came to ask us if we wanted pepper when we could have added it ourselves.

Seawitch said that the waiter specificalyl mentioned, "FRESHLY GROUNDED PEPPER".


Love this pasta dish.

It's freshly made fettucine with smoked salmon in creamy tomato sauce. the saltyness of the smoked salmon with the smooth creamy sauce!!!

Ahhh.... I want more!!!!!
Love freshly made pastas!!!

I've already told seawitch that we had to revisit for more pastas. :D

For dessert, a classic Italian Tiramisu....
Not really a tiramisu fan, but personally I preferred the one from Alexis.

:) Try capriocciosa now!!

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