Monday, May 16, 2011

Taiwanese food

Was at summit for a performance like....a month ago~ heehe...and we had taiwanese food for dinner.

This is "Ru rou fan" = braised meat rice, which is a common dish in most taiwanese restaurants.

Fried wontons.

Beef ball soup. hmm... looks really oily.

My noodles....forgot what it's called but it tasted only so-so......I prefer Xian Ding Wei or Din Tai Fung.

Spicy chicken set!
sigh.....just when I thought I would have some extra free time with tomorrow being a public holiday. Then *boom*, I get an email at noon.....and more things to do!!

N no dance for the coming 2 weeks..... :(

The fact that I'm sooo busy now, I'm really glad that I got to go on the Japan trip last year with my dad and that I took the time to go back to Brunei~ :D

I'm really looking forward to when I graduate and then I'll take a long holiday. I wanna backpack Japan and then I wanna go to Melb to visit my fav cuzzie, bestie, PM (my senpai in the field of bm) and friends whom I haven't seen in a really long time.

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