Saturday, June 25, 2011


Meet Marie~

My new companion when I'm doing my work! heehe.....
She's a gift from Sora from Paris....

Kis-my-ft2 to debut in Sept 2011!!!

Today is Fujigaya Taisuke of Kis-my-ft2's Birthday!! Happy 24th Birthday Taipi!!

I can't wait for Kisumai's debut! It's been.....7 LONG YEARS!!!

Kisumai is a perfect example of talented groups who have been under Johnny's Jr for too long without a chance to debut! I'm wondering when is ABCZ's turn.....

I always enjoy their performances....especially when they're on skates! Plus their powerful acrobatic dance moves. They have showcased their skills in songs, dramas, musicals.......7 years is just a number as a unit, not including their trainee years. But....OMEDETOU~

Here are some of their performances:

My favourite song "Inori" on Playzone, which is a musical.



Sunday, June 19, 2011



The fresh pasta was so good that seawitch and I revisited the place just 1 week after our 1st visit!

This is the seafood chowder! Yum~ good for sharing among friends since the portion is huge....otherwise, you won't have space for other delicious food.....

Smoked salmon salad with capers....omg~~ yummeh~ I love the smoked salmon!!! love love this!!!

Fresh alfungi pasta....I forgot what's the name of this pasta but it's like wonton skins. Really thin and smooth. The sauce is kinda mild compared to last week's one but it's good too. We only hoped that it has more sauce.

It doesn't look too good in this pic here but you've gotta taste it to know....

Food science

Yea......such a perfect course for someone like me...who likes science and loves food!! haaha.....but I'm like 5 years too late for it!

Look at these cute little bubbles.....don't you just wanna put one in your mouth??? Don't they remind you of chewy little bubbles or those popping balls that pops in our mouth??

Well it's exactly that....but unfortunately, the one above is inedible because of the sodium chloride we used. But the gum powder used is totally edible.

Just a trial done by my supervisor for the carnival next month.

hm...a syringe??


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outing with jap classmates

When we found out that the one of our classmate's dad opened a Japanese restaurant, we were eager to visit the place.

Coincidentally, the set dinner date was also another classmate's ROM. :)

It was a nice gathering for us together with sensei.

Here are a few pics....didn't manage to snap many as we're all seated quite far apart.

This is the "Oyako don" which literally translates to "Parent and child" haaha....well d "parent" is from the chicken and d "child" from the egg. Such creative names!!!
There's supposed to be an interesting name for the pork and egg combo too but I just can't remember the name at the moment.... :P

A nice little appetizer consisting of fried, cold fish, marinated in some sauce and pickles.

This master piece here is my "Sake set" aka salmon set!

Nyom nyom......the set comes with chawanmushi and fruits too.

Monday, June 13, 2011


When you're doing and need a power-charge.......this will come in handy~


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Writing my post with a random picture of nasi lemak from Old Town. haahaa.....

Feeling lazy in the morning...

Today's gonna be another packed day.

Wedding ceremony to attend in the morning + lunch, lab work in the afternoon, dance lessons in the evening + dinner, then training session with the girls till.....midnight! ahhh~~~

Friday, June 10, 2011


Just had my first presentation on my research today......

Hopefully it had been a good one.

Though I personally felt that my presentation skills had to be improved as I stumbled upon a few words due to the nervousness.

Having presented to a much larger crowd and also having give speech in another language to the native speakers before, one would think presenting to a small group of 10 is nothing. But I feel that when the presentation is one that matters and counts, you'd get nervous. It's like you want to do well so that you don't let other ppl down or let urself down.

Also, note to self to read more for QnA. I was asked a question by an ex-lecturer who taught me about a pharmacologic action and I couldn't answer him at that moment, but after everything was over.....the answer just popped into my head!!! He taught me on that related topic during my undergrad years and I felt like I have been such a let down!!! Argh~~

I did presentation at my company's launch before to a huge crowd of doctors but because the topic was not something that is this personal and thus I felt no attachment to it. Plus I was thinking, it's probably a group of doctors who wouldn't care less for what a young gal like me who only has a degree has to say. So I couldn't be bothered too much to care as I thought that everyone would probably leave for toilet break when it's my turn to present.  But I was wrong, they listened. Whether it was the prep before hand or that fact that I thought ppl wouldn't care or judge me from it that I was less stressed and therefore I performed better.

Oh well, a yummy strawberry cake always helps  make the day better and its time to move on to the next thing on my list.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fresh Pizza

Yummy....freshly made hawaian pizza from hoagies....