Friday, June 10, 2011


Just had my first presentation on my research today......

Hopefully it had been a good one.

Though I personally felt that my presentation skills had to be improved as I stumbled upon a few words due to the nervousness.

Having presented to a much larger crowd and also having give speech in another language to the native speakers before, one would think presenting to a small group of 10 is nothing. But I feel that when the presentation is one that matters and counts, you'd get nervous. It's like you want to do well so that you don't let other ppl down or let urself down.

Also, note to self to read more for QnA. I was asked a question by an ex-lecturer who taught me about a pharmacologic action and I couldn't answer him at that moment, but after everything was over.....the answer just popped into my head!!! He taught me on that related topic during my undergrad years and I felt like I have been such a let down!!! Argh~~

I did presentation at my company's launch before to a huge crowd of doctors but because the topic was not something that is this personal and thus I felt no attachment to it. Plus I was thinking, it's probably a group of doctors who wouldn't care less for what a young gal like me who only has a degree has to say. So I couldn't be bothered too much to care as I thought that everyone would probably leave for toilet break when it's my turn to present.  But I was wrong, they listened. Whether it was the prep before hand or that fact that I thought ppl wouldn't care or judge me from it that I was less stressed and therefore I performed better.

Oh well, a yummy strawberry cake always helps  make the day better and its time to move on to the next thing on my list.

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