Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kis-my-ft2 to debut in Sept 2011!!!

Today is Fujigaya Taisuke of Kis-my-ft2's Birthday!! Happy 24th Birthday Taipi!!

I can't wait for Kisumai's debut! It's been.....7 LONG YEARS!!!

Kisumai is a perfect example of talented groups who have been under Johnny's Jr for too long without a chance to debut! I'm wondering when is ABCZ's turn.....

I always enjoy their performances....especially when they're on skates! Plus their powerful acrobatic dance moves. They have showcased their skills in songs, dramas, musicals.......7 years is just a number as a unit, not including their trainee years. But....OMEDETOU~

Here are some of their performances:

My favourite song "Inori" on Playzone, which is a musical.



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