Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outing with jap classmates

When we found out that the one of our classmate's dad opened a Japanese restaurant, we were eager to visit the place.

Coincidentally, the set dinner date was also another classmate's ROM. :)

It was a nice gathering for us together with sensei.

Here are a few pics....didn't manage to snap many as we're all seated quite far apart.

This is the "Oyako don" which literally translates to "Parent and child" haaha....well d "parent" is from the chicken and d "child" from the egg. Such creative names!!!
There's supposed to be an interesting name for the pork and egg combo too but I just can't remember the name at the moment.... :P

A nice little appetizer consisting of fried, cold fish, marinated in some sauce and pickles.

This master piece here is my "Sake set" aka salmon set!

Nyom nyom......the set comes with chawanmushi and fruits too.

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