Friday, July 1, 2011


I nearly got into an accident on wednesday while driving near my office area.

I was driving on a one way street when suddenly a grey colour proton flew out from my left, between the shop lots, into my lane directly facing me. At the time I was just about to pass that gap between the shop lots when the car flew out and I quickly swerved right.

Luckily for it was 8.40am and the parking lot on the right is still empty except for that one car on my immediate front which I nearly knocked into and the driver was standing next to his car. Naturally I had to brake immediately!!!

And that stupid driver braked too, but his whole car body was already 80% facing the opposite direction, going in the wrong way!!!

Sometimes idiots do things which are.....stupendously stupid? Not that it was awesome in anyway....but amazing in a way that you don't think that anyone can be more stupid than that.

Lucky the other guy that was who out of his car is a bit far from me. He was taking things out from his car boot and I stopped on the right side of his car boot!

1. If you want to take a small route from between the shops, at least stop and look before you go.

2. Has it ever occurred to you that nobody drives in the opposite direction from the white arrows on the road.

3. Since you parked your car directly below the office, I assume that you work there and take the same illegal route everyday. And you've been very lucky that you have not met a truck or something!! Please use your brain and think.....would it hurt you to take the 50 metre extra longer route??? I take it every time!!

I was so tempted to walk to you car and stick a note filled with my feelings at that moment!!!

4. If you want to die, just jump off a building. It will be easier and less trouble for others!!! Seriously~ think of the other innocent man!!!

5. Since we work nearby, don't let me bump into you doing the same action again! It's gonna be ugly~ 

Ok, the pineapple fried rice below is very random but yeah, went to this Viet restaurant at uni and since I don't eat beef....there's not much choices for me. Sadly this dish was overpriced and didn't taste nice at all.

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