Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 2012 Asia Tour

When I opened Johnny's latest newsletter, I just gasped and I couldn't believe it!!! 

Kis-My-Ft2 2012 Asia Tour!!

I don't know about you, but I super excited for it~ at first, I thought that I would have to go to Japan or Taiwan....and then I saw Thailand and Singapore!!!! My hope went UP and then dropped.....where's Malaysia?? Yea, ok I know people here are super kpopfied.....but there are ppl like me here too who loves JPOP!!! JPOP rocks~~

Ok, are the proposed concert locations: Korea, Taiwan, HK, Thailand and Singapore! 

I super duper regretted the fact that I missed Pi's concert in Thailand...but it wasn't like I didn't try. I couldn't get the tickets!!!! With Pi's popularity, it's expected that his tixs would be sold out fast......

Anyways to get newsletters from Johnny's, please sign up at the link below:

Ok besides that, there'll be a Dome Summary in Sept featuring Hey! Say! JUMP...with guest appearances from FUJIGAYA TAISUKE!!!! Yea~ Baby!!'s not like I would be there anyways....haahaha.... but I'm just feeling excited.

Will ABCZ debut soon too and then have tours like these too?

Please bring NEWS and ARASHI to Malaysia!!!! or Yamapi's 2nd Asia tour in 2012?? :D 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bobalicious Smoothies

Seawitch bought some online coupons for bobalicious smoothies and here's what we got.

A smoothie each with a choice of pasta. 

It was too long ago that I can't even remember what they're called......this is supposed to be some passion fruit smoothie.....

...and this is chocolate banana.....

The smoothies were ok. Actually, if it weren't for the coupons, I would not have tried the shop. The name didn't quite capture me. At first glance, I thought it was babo-licious....erm (stupid-licious). haaha...cuz babo means stupid in korean.

This is the spaghetti bolognese which is ok.....

This here is the better one....spicy thai chilli pasta with almond flakes. An thai-twist to the pasta, with an extra kick from the chilli. Ooo...not forgetting the crunchy almonds too. Yum~

Last week, the postgraduates all have some kind of marketing shooting to do where we were asked some questions about the course and campus. My section was shot at the lakeside which is one of my fav. spots on campus and there's ducks swimming around! There's even impromtu actors behind me, who were students nearby feeding the ducks and the cameraman thought that it would be nice if they could feed the ducks right behind me! Lol.....

Then the next day we had to do some library picking and reading books, having discussion and stuffs. hehee...I find it funny. I'm pretty sure at the end of it, you can probably only see my face for like 2 seconds only!!!

The cameraman said that we don't seem like we're from the science stream because we're good in acting and that we look more like we're from the media courses. erm......well, I don't what to say but just laugh~ haahaa....

Saturday, August 27, 2011


These cupcakes were from months back at SJ's family day. I was there to support some dancers who performed there.

A fellow dancer's sister rented a booth there selling mini cupcakes for people to DIY the deco themselves.

So theses 2 are my work. This is a yet to be fully open rose...with white and pink hearts.

This is a opened rose. The green dinosaurs were supossed tp be leaves and the choc-chips?? just cuz I like them....hahahaa.

*tired* I've been spending nearly 12 hours per day at uni the past four days due to all the workshops and my own work. Hope my own work will yield some good results which will enable me to move on. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Today was the second day of the workshop......had to really work with the animals after learning how to restrain them yesterday.

We had to deal with mouse, rats and guinea pigs.

First of all was to use to use the oral gavage on them. This I had no problem, just gently insert the feeding tube down their esophagus, to their stomach.

Next is to anesthesize them. I chose the intraperitoneal method as shown below. I'm no so pro to use my bare hands, I hand the help of my self made restrainer from yesterday to help me.

Then it was retro-orbital bleeding, which was to draw blood from their eyes. Omg~ I just could get myself to do it. I tried after seeing everyone do it but then it felt so cruel. Yes I know, I have anesthesize the mouse  but.....

Yea I tried till I saw a tiny speck of blood and ok, that's it...I'm not taking any blood. I just need to learn the method, not gonna use the blood anyways.

Then it's cardiac puncture which I also settled at first try on the mouse. :D
Once the anesthesia has worn off, my mouse was moving around normally, which is good.

Then it was time for the rat which is btw a lot bigger than a mouse.

OMG, it was soo hard to anesthesize the rat using intravenous method via it's tail. I poked it numerous time....I got the vein a few time but the rat struggled too much. I eventually felt so bad that I decided to let the rat go so that I won't hurt it anymore. 

Hence, I did not perform anymore techniques on them. I didn't think it would be nice to keep poking them. Imagine someone poking you with a needle, how would you like it??

As for the guinea pig, the closest thing I got to doing was holding and covering them with a towel. 

The most traumatizing part has got the be the cervical dislocation to kill the mouse/ rats. I shiver every time I hear the crack. There is no way I would be able to do it.....

Overall the workshop has been very valueable and I've learnt a lot about animals. It has also helped me with my fear of mouse and rats. Another interesting part is the post mortem as its my first time seeing it performed live. 

Thank you to all the animals who have assisted in this workshop. I kept talking to them to try to get them to follow my instructions. For now, I think I will stick to cell culture....yea, definitely!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I love egg tarts! esp when the the tart is those flaky kinds....

Omg,..I'm so worried, I signed up for an animal workshop tomorrow. The thing is I'm very afraid of animals and those who know me will know that I prefer to stay in a safety zone of more than 1 metre form any animals. But I thought it was time to face my fear, who knows that in future I might need to work with animals ....though I most probably won't pick up such projects. Anyways, I signed up for the workshop.

There's a series of lecture tomorrow morning which I will be missing due to some shooting that I have to do, uh~ bummer!!! Then in the afternoon will be the practical. Besides the fear, having no experience at all and I'm going to miss the lecture. I don't how am I going to survive in the practical. Mind you, if I'm not mistaken we're all each given a few lab animals to handle.

Ahh...and yes it is cruel, I don't know if I will be able to kill anything. I hope that I won't have to do anything of that sort.....

OMG~ Just praying hard that I will be able to pick up the animal and least give it something......

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to back kisumai

Yes....another back to back post on kisumai!

I was watching an old Kis-my-ft2 abake clip back in 2009 and then I found a new one from just a few weeks ago.

I miss seeing them all 7 together equally, rather than focusing only on certain members. Though Kitayama and Taipi has always have lots of attention, Tama-chan is really getting lots of screen shots recently. This could be because of the drama and his new hairstyle.

Here's the 2009 abake, super funny~!!!

Kis-My-Ft2をあばけ by ebikisumai

Senga's curly hair and eye mask makes him look so girly. Silly Yokoo faking his own voice even though there's no need for it due to the voice changer. I don't know why but Tama-chan's voice is super high pitched!! Then everyone was pointing fingers at Taipi for not returning things to them. Look at him laugh! 

Here's the 2011 version, with 3 members:

2011.08.05 Kis-My-Ft2 wo Abake by ebikisumai

Each members were pretending to be each other...from Taipi pretending to be Tama-chan by saying that he recently dyed his hair all black, Kitayama acting as Fujigaya by saying that he used to have long hair and Tama-chan as Kitayama by stating that he's the oldest member. Funniest part was when Kitayama and Tama-chan rapped Taipi's part in Firebeat!! Lol....and Taipi looking all blur and lost when he thought that he heard Miyata's voice on stage.

Muahaha...I really shouldnt be watching so many videos, but I love the Abake corner on Shounen Club!!!

Kis-my-ft2 debut PV

Everybody Go is Kisumai's debut PV!!

Finally~ this PV is so difficult to find.......

I'm so happy for kisumai and I love the MV because it showcased their style with the roller skates. Dancing with them is what they do best! Yea~ Kisumai's style~
Though from Johnny's, Kisumai made their debut under Avex!!

The PV seems to focus only on 3 members: Kitayama, Fujigaya and Tamamori. 

Not that I have any complaints, since my favourite member is Taipi, followed by Kitayama!! Ok, Tamamori is an eye-candy too.....

Kitayama is as charismatic as usual in the PV and I've always liked his voice. And, omg...Taipi is H.O.T!!!

I prefer Taipi's hair now, which is a shorter and darker than his usual.

hehe....cute casual style~

I'm now thinking if I should watch Ikemen desu ne.

Tama-chan looks erm....more bad-boyish and more mature with his new dark hair. I've only seen him in blonde-ish hair before and his face used to look cutesy and chubby. Don't know if he lost weight, but his face looks slimer now. haaha......