Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to back kisumai

Yes....another back to back post on kisumai!

I was watching an old Kis-my-ft2 abake clip back in 2009 and then I found a new one from just a few weeks ago.

I miss seeing them all 7 together equally, rather than focusing only on certain members. Though Kitayama and Taipi has always have lots of attention, Tama-chan is really getting lots of screen shots recently. This could be because of the drama and his new hairstyle.

Here's the 2009 abake, super funny~!!!

Kis-My-Ft2をあばけ by ebikisumai

Senga's curly hair and eye mask makes him look so girly. Silly Yokoo faking his own voice even though there's no need for it due to the voice changer. I don't know why but Tama-chan's voice is super high pitched!! Then everyone was pointing fingers at Taipi for not returning things to them. Look at him laugh! 

Here's the 2011 version, with 3 members:

2011.08.05 Kis-My-Ft2 wo Abake by ebikisumai

Each members were pretending to be each other...from Taipi pretending to be Tama-chan by saying that he recently dyed his hair all black, Kitayama acting as Fujigaya by saying that he used to have long hair and Tama-chan as Kitayama by stating that he's the oldest member. Funniest part was when Kitayama and Tama-chan rapped Taipi's part in Firebeat!! Lol....and Taipi looking all blur and lost when he thought that he heard Miyata's voice on stage.

Muahaha...I really shouldnt be watching so many videos, but I love the Abake corner on Shounen Club!!!

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