Friday, September 30, 2011

TK bakery

Almond pastry! Love this.....esp the texture of the tart!!!

Roasted pork pastry.....yum~ but it's a bit oily though.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I can't wait for Kisumai's concert DVD to be out in October!! What's more is Kisumai's Asian tour which doesn't involve Malaysia. But least they are touring outside of Japan. In Japan alone, they will be touring 47 perfectures with 97 shows. I think that's the most shows ever....
Yea, been blogging a lot about Kisumai lately because it's like after so many years.....and then YES!! 

I'm biased but Taipi and Kitayama can both sing so well~ As a group, Kisumai is strong vocally and can dance really well. The members all have pretty bold voices. Tama-chan's one is quite low though. Looking at his face, you'd think that he'd have a high-pitched voice haha. Taipi could hit the highest and his rap~!!! He's my favourite J-rapper! Besides Arashi and NEWS, they're the group with the most number of songs that I like. Plus the rap part in Kisumai's songs are always amazing!!!! I love rappers~!! 

I still get confused between Kitayama and Taipi's voice. I want to know who's singing parts that I like the most.....but sometimes their voices are similar!!! 

Besides that, they can all act after having years of experience on stage plays which I think are so much harder than acting in dramas or movies. If a star is good enough, it will be hard for him/ her to do well in a stage play.

On stage, you only have one either make or break it! On film, you can have as many retakes as you like. When things are live, you have to give it your all to be perfect at that moment and convince the audience.....which you can't if you don't really act it out well. I fell that when it comes to films, looks often plays a huge part. 

Every time I watch Kisumai's perf, I feel that Taipi has great musicality because he hits all the beats!~ Even when it's just like interval music, he's on beat. But sometimes he has what I call the lazy movement. Yea....and he can't really breakdance? kekee.....I don't know, but that's the feeling I get. But no fear, since Senga and Nika can take care of the stunts! Well, the best dancer in the group is Senga anyways, seeing that he's been trained in street dance even before he entered Johnny's. 

Ok, I'm so's a pic. Look at Senga and Tamamori fly in mid-air (the 2 black things in the middle). On the side are Yokoo and Taipi. One of Taipi's hand reached the ground first before his feet lifted off the ground. Meanwhile Senga and Tama-chan literally flew in mid-air before landing on their hands.

See how he landed his second hand which is the one holding the mic. Kitayama does the same thing too.....with their FISTS!! Doesn't it hurt?

Yes, but Taipi did the landing part gracefully. He even does a nice wave on the floor before coming up!

Ok.....Then there's Yokoo....after watching his performance on Playzone 2009, I think he'd do well on stage plays. The same with Miyata. People with many or big expressions tend to do well or better. They're more convincing. I feel that Miyata really helps the group in terms of image. He's more funnny, which helps push the group away from the same category as Kattun's sexy image. Taipi tends to do the sexy thing a lot. Tama-chan used to be the cutesy one but now I'm totally changing my mind.

Ever since he dyed his air all black and lost his fringe, he looks like another person. And Taipi too......they both look like another person. Back to Tama, after watching him in Ikemen desu ne, I thought that he can really act and can definitely make it big as an actor.

So yea, with an average of more than 10 years in performing on stage individually and 7 years as a group. They're more than well-equipped for the entertainment industry. Besides, they can do everything a normal group can do but on ROLLERSKATES!!

Anaesthesized mouse

Here's a picture of the rats we anaesthesized in the animal workshop.

Letting them lie down like that till they recover.

Pulled out their tongues so that it won't block their air way.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steamboat at home

Chinese style soup with cabbages, mushrooms, tofu, anchovies and soy beans.

Of course,  we gotta have squid.

Some  abalones....

Prawns! My favorite! 

Some stuffed bean curds  and fish balls......not forgetting the healthy vegetables that I so conveniently forgot to snap pics of. Lol.....

Always love a good steamboat! Yummy! 

French pudding

Enjoying my cup of french vanilla pudding with a cute little Hello Kitty spoon~!! :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zhia's Kitchen

I like Zhia's........they serve simple but delicious chinese food. So far, most of the food that I've ordered are yummy.....

Used to go there for dinner quite often when studio was still at Sunway but not anymore. Instead I patron the one in uni for lunches now.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I love Kisumai....but there's something I've gotta say.......

All these while they've been having similar costumes.....note: similar but not same. Sometimes, costumes is biased towards the front 3 members with extra bling and stuffs.....but overall, similar!!

Observe......these costumes from shounen club this year. This one is particularly recent as you can see Taipi with short hair for Ikemen desu ne.

After the announcement of their debut. They look like some high class waiters here......hehe.....

Another from shounen club this year....

Note the similar costumes? It has always been like that on Shounen club and in their concerts.

But why is it that on Music Station.....there is such a huge difference in costume between the front 3 and back 4 members?? the colour is different, but does it have to be the same as the back dancers??? Omg...and look at the ending pose! If I'm not a Kisumai fan, I might think that the group has only 3 members.....

Dunno whose idea is it......In the long run, when the group gains more fan....they can no longer isolate the back 4 members. This is after all a group!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Went to Marche about 3 months back with the girls....truly had fun, dressing up, just sitting down, enjoying the food and having a good chat! as supposed to sweating it out in the studio.....

Yummy mushroom which gave me my most horrible food poisoning to date when Pancy came to visit.


One of the best chocolate mousse I've ever taste!!! Ooo......yummy~

More salad......heehe.....

I love root beer~

Apple juice

Chocolate cake.....tastes ok only.

Potato rosti with turkey and sour cream?

Chicken wraps


Creamy pasta of the day

Strawberry tart

Chocolate cake
Great food and great company makes a great evening~!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sushi Zanmai

Weekends are always soo tiring for me because there's always so much to do.

Was in the lab for 3 hours yesterday then I rushed home to shower and change. Went to the japanese library to renew my membership, then went to midvalley for my uni gathering. After which I had another gathering at day started at 5.30am and I slept at only at nearly 2am last night.....

Anyways, here's sushi Zanmai which I have not visited for some time. I think this was from like 3 months back....haahaha

Tama-unagi don

yum......salmon belly with mentaiko!

my favourite gyouzas

something special for that month.....tortilla rolled sushis?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ice cream~

I love ice cream......on a sunny day, on a rainy day, on busy days, on relaxing can never go wrong with ice cream~

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 12th Anniversary to Arashi~

Coincidentally, today is also the 12th anniversary of Arashi.......which I really didn't know till today, even though Arashi is my 2nd favourite group from JE!


I guess Arashi is the only group that didn't start out as Jr. since they were transferred from another company into JE. Like NEWS, I really like their songs and if you listen carefully, you'll realize that they're really meaningful.

Though Matsujun is hugely popular, he has not yet been my fav. from the group. I think it started with Ohno, then to Sho, Aiba and then Nino.....haaha.....but I like all of them!
Since it's both NEWS and Arashi's anniversary, what better what than to share moments of them together. I took these gifs from NEWStalgia.

Yaa....Nino is pinching Pi!!

Well, aren't these two close?


These 2 seems distant....haaha.

I recently bought Arashi's 10-11 Tour SCENE- "Kimi to boku no miteiru fukei-stadium" and I wanna say that it's AMAZING! Ok, first off is the stage.....omg, the waterfall?? and is there anything that can't move on that stage?? Seriously, if you wanna be a johnny's, you really can't have fear of heights! I get nervous, every time I look at how high the artist have to stand or be suspended in mid-air!!!

The concert's great too...the venue is super huge, I wonder if it accommodates more than Dome because it seems like it. Arashi looks like ants from the far end. But the pace is really good, for a moment I thought they fast forwarded the first few songs, but then it's not. It really helps bring out the hype!! Plus the sky itself is cool....from day light to sunset and then the dark sky!

Yes and all these concert craze started with the first JE concert DVD that I have......10 years ago?? That was when I was drawn into all the "shows" and additional props used for their concerts. hehee.....

Credits: NEWStalgia

NEWS 八周年おめでとうございます~



"Happy Bath Day"

My fav. JE group is turning 8. So happy for them...their journey may not have been smooth but working hard and taking time to get to each stage is not a bad thing. Like slowly moving towards their 1st album or 1st Tokyo dome concert.

NEWS might not have released singles as often as other artists or even get together as often, but that's ok. Cause when they do get together, they produce something great!

I have always wanted to go to a NEWS concert because if you've watched their concert DVD, you will see the big smile on their faces that totally reaches out to the fans. Yea, and it's sort of the overall feeling form the group. Most importanly, I love their songs. So far, I've only bought one conert DVD, if possible, I would collect all their concert DVDs.

Fans have been planning a special present for NEWS 8th anniversary and that is to make their 2007 single "Hoshi wo mezashite(Aim for the stars)" No.1 in sales again. I guess that single was chosen because it was the 1st new single by the "reborned" 6-member NEWS after their long hiatus. Plus also because of the meaning lyrics. This is one of my favourite too...

And.....the fans did it! It got to No.1 even before the actual anniversary date!! Omedetou~

"Hoshi wo mezashite"

On the side note, Tegomasu is coming out with a new album called "Tagomasu no mahou (Tegomasu's magic)" on October 19.

As for other JE things:

Here's a tutorial from spurius, on how to register at J-web using smartphones

I'm sooo tempted to register but I have not because I seldom use my phone to access the internet. Plus the main reason is also cause I don't know what can I do with a J-web account. Another is that, with a J-web account does that mean I can register under the fan club? I seriously wanna apply for a fan club membership because I want to buy concert tickets!!!

Ok, besides getting to read messages and stuffs, you can also download Marching J Special Movie on J-web. Follow instructions by Kattun-hyphens.

credits: spurius, Kattun-hyphens, kamipinku@youtube, PrincessTexinne@youtube