Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I can't wait for Kisumai's concert DVD to be out in October!! What's more is Kisumai's Asian tour which doesn't involve Malaysia. But least they are touring outside of Japan. In Japan alone, they will be touring 47 perfectures with 97 shows. I think that's the most shows ever....
Yea, been blogging a lot about Kisumai lately because it's like after so many years.....and then YES!! 

I'm biased but Taipi and Kitayama can both sing so well~ As a group, Kisumai is strong vocally and can dance really well. The members all have pretty bold voices. Tama-chan's one is quite low though. Looking at his face, you'd think that he'd have a high-pitched voice haha. Taipi could hit the highest and his rap~!!! He's my favourite J-rapper! Besides Arashi and NEWS, they're the group with the most number of songs that I like. Plus the rap part in Kisumai's songs are always amazing!!!! I love rappers~!! 

I still get confused between Kitayama and Taipi's voice. I want to know who's singing parts that I like the most.....but sometimes their voices are similar!!! 

Besides that, they can all act after having years of experience on stage plays which I think are so much harder than acting in dramas or movies. If a star is good enough, it will be hard for him/ her to do well in a stage play.

On stage, you only have one either make or break it! On film, you can have as many retakes as you like. When things are live, you have to give it your all to be perfect at that moment and convince the audience.....which you can't if you don't really act it out well. I fell that when it comes to films, looks often plays a huge part. 

Every time I watch Kisumai's perf, I feel that Taipi has great musicality because he hits all the beats!~ Even when it's just like interval music, he's on beat. But sometimes he has what I call the lazy movement. Yea....and he can't really breakdance? kekee.....I don't know, but that's the feeling I get. But no fear, since Senga and Nika can take care of the stunts! Well, the best dancer in the group is Senga anyways, seeing that he's been trained in street dance even before he entered Johnny's. 

Ok, I'm so's a pic. Look at Senga and Tamamori fly in mid-air (the 2 black things in the middle). On the side are Yokoo and Taipi. One of Taipi's hand reached the ground first before his feet lifted off the ground. Meanwhile Senga and Tama-chan literally flew in mid-air before landing on their hands.

See how he landed his second hand which is the one holding the mic. Kitayama does the same thing too.....with their FISTS!! Doesn't it hurt?

Yes, but Taipi did the landing part gracefully. He even does a nice wave on the floor before coming up!

Ok.....Then there's Yokoo....after watching his performance on Playzone 2009, I think he'd do well on stage plays. The same with Miyata. People with many or big expressions tend to do well or better. They're more convincing. I feel that Miyata really helps the group in terms of image. He's more funnny, which helps push the group away from the same category as Kattun's sexy image. Taipi tends to do the sexy thing a lot. Tama-chan used to be the cutesy one but now I'm totally changing my mind.

Ever since he dyed his air all black and lost his fringe, he looks like another person. And Taipi too......they both look like another person. Back to Tama, after watching him in Ikemen desu ne, I thought that he can really act and can definitely make it big as an actor.

So yea, with an average of more than 10 years in performing on stage individually and 7 years as a group. They're more than well-equipped for the entertainment industry. Besides, they can do everything a normal group can do but on ROLLERSKATES!!

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