Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bistro SMAP ft. Kis-my-ft2

Here are 2 vids from Bistro SMAP .......

The videos features all the groups that have debuted from JE since the very beginning.

My first exposure to JE was Kinki Kids and V6 .......their CDs are one of the first few japanese CD's I have bought, definitely a first from JE. But at that time, I didn't know what JE was. Though after that I knew some of their older groups like SMAP and Tokio, but I wasn't into them. 

Then I discovered Shounen Club on NHK one night.......kekeke......well, I still didn't know that those dancing and singing boys were under JE till years later.

Not sure if my first exposure to Tackey was from Shounen Club but he has somehow always been a familiar face and Yamapi too. At the time when I started watching Shounen Club, he should've already been on it. At that time I didn't know japanese and most definitely know the names of those on the show. But I have a really old VCD of a Johnny's concert.....not sure if it was summary and Tackey was sort of like the leader of the juniors at that time and Pi was definitely there with Toma. oh.......soooo long ago. Everyone was still chibi-size then. 

One day, I saw the news of NEWS debuting on TV and thought the awkward looking dark skinned, tall blonde guy in shorts looking familiar. No matter how I look at him, he still looks weird but I just can't get my eyes off him. It's like....a familiar face...and yet not. That awkward looking guy turned out to be Yamapi~ ^_^!!

For all that I know, Kat-tun has always been familiar to be because they are a unit in Shounen Club, unlike NEWS which is not. So for me I have always felt that Kat-tun was around for a much longer time. Imagine the sort of confusion I had when news came out saying that Kat-tun was going to debut. In my heart, I was thinking, isn't this group already debuted....and for years already??? was from there that I  found out how things worked in JE.

Before that I had always thought that all those units were "debuted" groups, didn't know that one had to wait for a CD debut in order to "debut".

Somehow years later....Arashi and NEWS are my fav.!

It is sad that the original units which the members were initially from had to be broken in order to form NEWS and I'm sad that Toma didn't get his debut. But NEWS is one of my fav. now and so are all the members......*sigh*

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