Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taipi X me

Ok, crediting this translation to luma-chan

When I read through Taipi's interview, I can't help but think of the similarities.....

Born 1987/6/25 in Kanagawa prefecture
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Shoe size: 26.5cm
Blood type: AB

Q: Favorite food
A: Sushi. me too!

Q: Disliked food
A: Coriander. me too!

Q: Favorite drink
A: Water. me too!

Q: Today’s breakfast
A: Salmon onigiri.

Q: Favorite sports
A: Basketball. I played it from fifth grade of elementary school to second year of middle school.i like guys who play basketball....

Q: Lessons you‘ve taken?
A: Karate.

Q: Favorite color
A: Checkered red. The ‘checkered’ part is essential.

Q: Favorite number
A: 6. Since my birthday is in June. yea 11 is one of the numbers tat i like because my bday falls in november

Q: Favorite scent
A: Sweet scent with kind of a big sister feel to it (laugh).

Q: Type of girl you like
A: A pure girl. The beautiful big sister type. what's with the big sister type???

Q: Your first kiss?
A: When I was in kindergarten. I was being mischievous.i think i had a guy kissed me in kindy too or was it the other way round.....

Q: The words you’d use for confessing?
A: “I want to go out with you.” i'm sure it sounds better in japanese

Q: At what age do you want to get married?
A: Being a young dad has been my dream so when I was a kid I said “when I’m 23!”. But, right now I have goals and dreams and things I still want to do. Getting married is not something you decide based on just the years… You know, I think I made quite a good comment here (laugh). lol...u see, when i was younger, i used to put numbers on these things too but now it's yeah....truly not something u can control and besides, i've got other commitments!!

Q: How much you sleep on average
A: 6 too!

Q: In bath, which part of your body will you wash first?
A: My head.who doesnt???

Q: What would you do with a time machine?
A: I’d want go back to the time when Audrey Hepburn was the most active and see her from that time.he really likes audery hepburn!!

Q: If you were to transform into a girl for just one day?
A: I’d want to do shopping~♪ Also, wear a lot of things!

Q: Something that recently made you feel annoyed
A: That there are so many sad news around the world.

Q: Animal you think you resemble?
A: I’ve been told that either cat or bird. if u are a cat, then i'm sure we'll communicate well!

Q: Place you want to go to outside Japan
A: The heart shape island (Tupai island) so romantic lo.....

Q: What is your habit?
A: Biting my lower lip. me too!! Actually i never realised it till the shooting recently where the cameraman said that I keep biting my lower lips!!!

Q: Are you indoors type? Or outdoors type?
A: If I had to say one of those, probably indoors too!

Q: Are you bread type? Or rice type?
A: Lately I’m liking danishes. So bread type.:D

Q: Are you udon type? Or ramen type?
A: Ramen. Seafood ones are the best!me too!

Q: Are you bed type? Or futon type?
A: Bed!me too!

Q: Your nickname?
A: Gaya, Tai-chan, Taisuke, Taipi.

Q: Tell us your weak point?
A: I’m bad at washing my face in the bathroom. For some reason it’s not just my face that gets wet but all the way to the floor too (laugh). right??....exactly!! i don't know why me too!

Q: Sempai who is your objective
A: (Sakurai) Sho-kun, Tackey, Yamashita-kun.that's good!!!

Q: Your charm point?
A: My nose… Ah, let’s go with my ears. Since they’re so comment

Q: Tell us one secret about your body!
A: My ankles and wrists are really too! but other parts are like gaining weight like noone's business.....

Q: Please tell us about your current ambition
A: To create a boom!yea but my boom and his boom are totally different things!

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