Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm soo tired!! Just came back from 2 hours of badminton. It's been years....since I last played. Like ever since I came back to Malaysia, I've only played it once when I was in uni.

Feels great to be playing it again~

When I changed my playing arm, others thought that my arm was tired but it was because of the blister on my thumb!!! So horrible la....how am I going to pipette tomorrow??? Why is it that I'm the only one who ends up with a blister???

Ok, after some thought...I have decided not to purchase Kisumai's DVD because I simply cannot afford it as it costs around 350. Since I've already decided to go to their concert in SG next year. I will save up for that instead.

Well even if I want to go really badly, it all depends on my schedule next year and whether or not I can get the tickets.

I'm counting on the fact that it seems like Kisumai is not that popular in SG yet and so...fingers crossed.....there won't be that many ppl fighting for tixs. Yea, unlike Pi's concert tixs which sold out like hot cakes.....they were sold out before I even had the time to react. Aahh~

Yup, but then other JE fans might attend the concert too to show that there is market there so that other JE groups will have their concerts there too in future.

:) Please.....may luck be on my side next year so that I can get to go. 

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