Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Ah, tomorrow is the release date for  <“Kis-My-Ft ni Aeru de Show Vol.3” & “Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go” Special Set> whcih includes clips from their concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium from February 12, 2011 and debut tour at Yokohama Arena from July 31, 2011. It also includes a 52 page special photo book.

Not so into the photobook but the concert DVD!!!
Ok...I'm was already tempted to get set No.1!!! But it's sooo expensive! Omg~ and today I got super tempted after I saw clips from the debut concert~
I'm guessing that the stage, visuals and props will not be as amazing as NEWS or Arashi's concert since Kisumai is still new but I'm pretty sure the show would not disappoint. These guys can sing and give a great performance.
Plus, I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS~!!! ooo.....how how how~

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