Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading Pi's latest interview made me felt ashamed for blaming Pi for wanting to chase his dream. To add on to that, Pi being my fav. artist for so long.....(Though at present, Taipi is giving Yamapi a good run for his money. Yes, Taipi is a guy with wise words. The things he says......never cease to make me reflect on things that I do.)

After reading this excerpt, it sort of reminded me why I like Pi and why I enjoy reading his nikki.

"I guess everyone would have known from the earlier reports, I opted out from NEWS. I only have one life-time, if it's possible, I would like to challenge different things. Even though it's easier to work in the 6-member team, I just can't continue to immerse myself in that sort of comfort zone. Initially when I brought up this matter to the other members, they try to keep me in the group. But in the end, they understood my decision. One day before the release of "Thank you for these 8 years" message, I sent each one of them a mail. All because of the experiences I've gained in NEWS, I am who I am today. As a result, they replied with "Looking forward to the new Yamapi". Although our paths will be different from now onwards, whatever we've built up will not change. To the fans of NEWS, I'm really sorry. In order to make up for this, I want to give my best bringing good work to everyone. These are what I've been thinking of now."

It was really selfish of me because I love NEWS and placed all the blame on Pi and Ryo. 

I totally agree with his statement that we only have this one life-time. I live thinking like this too....that in life, there's so many things that I want to do and try, if only there was more time....but time is limited and there is only me. So in life, we have to prioritize certain things while we let go of others. Those that we let go of may not be the one that we do not cherish or want but it's just that there is so much one can do. In order to achieve the greater dream, sacrifices would have to be made. 

Yes, and regarding the comfort zone too. I believe that people are afraid of changes because they are too comfortable in their little zone and no prevent oneself from falling into that is to put yourself out there to face new challenges. I am one who can get a little too comfortable in her zone which is why I like to take up and try new things but nothing too extreme!! 

I understand that in life there may be dreams that we want to chase which others might not agree too or think it's pointless. As hard as it already is, it gets even tougher when those around you do not support you. But in this life time, we are living our life for ourselves and no one else. Therefore, once you have made the decision to move forward, you will have to keep trying and trying till you succeed. Many obstacles may come along the way but experience and enjoy the journey. When the day you have been waiting for finally comes, all the hardships will be worth it.

Pi being who he is discussed this with the members of NEWS and it seems he knew if his weaknesses and agree on the fact that being in a group could be plus point for him. But he has decided that it is time to go solo to see how much he can achieve. Well, he has been practicing dance real hard, his guitar and hopefully...he's back to composing some new songs which we will hear soon. I think knowing the fact that this will be the path of no return, he will have to really push his limits. Same as Jin, no place for them to fall back on should they fail.

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