Friday, October 21, 2011


LOL.....seriously, I love this show! Every episode, they will test out various "myths" or "rumours" to see if they are true or not. They also have the scientific part at the end.

For those who love unagi, you might consider trying these....worms too!!! heehe

Taipi and Tama-chan are so cute. They love unagi so much that they want to have another bite before allowing the staffs to remove it. Both are soo daring to try it. Tama tried it first but I swear his lips shivered when he saw Taipi shoving them into his mouth. Lol...and tama was telling Taipi to eat more in one bite so that he can really taste it!!!


Taipi's hair is getting longer. I'm guessing that he's trying to keep it long again now that ikemen desu ne filming are over. I really miss his long hair and I know I'll miss this short cut of his too when that time comes.

credits: mcrystal3715, youtube

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