Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 13th anniversary Taipi!!!

Happy 13th anniversary Taipi!!!

Yes, you!

To think that you started out as a little 11 y/o....Well, you're smile still looked the same and your eyes is still small! keke...but these 2 are my favourite features of Taipi. 

heehee soooo cute!! As you can see...his hair is not straight.

Your bright smile which can light up the world and your eyes. I somehow find your eyes mesmerizing. Your parents were right to name you "tai"="sun".

Yeap~ and I can just sit down and stare at your eyes.

Yes, Mitsu (Kitayama), I know Taipi's yours, just let me finish my post!

Taipi's infamous wink!

Though you may look way better with your current hairstyle....


......and way hotter too, my fav. Taipi is actually during playzone 2009. Yes, even when you had a lion head! Seems like that was when you were the chubbiest :D you should eat more!

Yes and then this year, I quickly fell for the gentle Shu which you portrayed so well even though both you and Shu are different.

You changed your hairstyle soon after entering Kisumai and have been having various styles but all with a side long bang until this year, where you chopped off your long hair and fringe.

Then as with every other Johnny, there is a moment in time when you all opt for the super blonde hair with slight perm. I don't know why, but you all just do!

One thing I would like to know is that how did Taipi's voice change from being sooo high-pitched to how it is now. Is it because of all the rapping? or did your voice just broke late? But can a guy's voice still break after he turn 16?

You don't know either??

Please investigate on it!

Ok that's it!~


Besides Taipi, today is also the 13th anniversary for Nakamaru, Kame, Jin, Massu and Totsu!! It's been too long!!! Johnny-san, please debut Totsu too....A.B.C.Z! 

Every time I look at Sexy Zone's name, with the "xy" in red. I can't help but think that there's a meaning to it. Will the original A.B.C.xyZ plan be realised?