Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011 has been a year filled with learning new skills, trying and failing to try again. Many things had not worked out as planned and all the set backs which led to tears being shed. If I were to give a score to all the years that I have lived, 2011 would definitely receive the lowest score as the worst year ever. It felt like the world is just against me in everything that I do. Not to mention failed experiments, work problems and stuffs but also road accidents. Not really road accidents but I've met several crazy drivers and had my cars scratched by them. The best part of it is that my car is not even moving at all in all the cases. It just happened and I'm like...."What~?" Never ever happened before in my 5-6 years of driving.

However, when there's good, there is also bad.....

Though I had to give up on a lot of things this year, I have learnt many new things too. 

1. Time is a very important thing and it's something that one can never get enough of. Slack and you waste precious time that could be used for something important or at least in the planning. Lose it and you'll never gain it back no matter how hard to try to make up for it. Therefore, always set your priorities right. Also, the saying that "if you love someone, give them time" is really true. I truly appreciate time spent with friends and families....more so than ever.

2. Preserverance. I've said it many times before and will again. This year, I've learnt to preservere more that ever. Giving up and running away is easy but preserverance takes a lot of effort. 

3. I'm glad that I took the time to visit old friends in Brunei early this year. I've been so busy and will be that I don't know when I can take another trip similar to this.

4. I'm thankful to have made new friends and to learn that somethings you can't just win them all. I'm also grateful for all the friends who have helped me, adviced me, just be there to listen and to guide me. To know that many others who have worked in groups end up not talking to each other makes me thankful that I've been able to remain in good relationship with those I've worked in groups with.

5. Rejection. To learn to accept rejection with a more open heart.

6. Public speaking. I had the chance to give a presentation in a hall full of professionals was a great experience and to have been praised for it was a plus. Besides that, this year, I've done more self presentation that ever. 

7. Recently I got the chance to teach and guide someone personally with the work I'm doing and realised a new side of myself. I found that I can do one on one tutor really well. It helps to train my patience too. Though I have taught tuition years ago but this experience was different. Not sure if it's because I'm a female or because I've had some experience with ppl who teach half-heartedly, but I felt like there was a need to guide and take care of others. Well maybe it's just cause I got an easy person to work with. LOL~~

8. Though I didn't have enough time to study the entire syllabus, I'm happy that I took the JLPT exam even though I don't know if I will pass. But it is a small step to take to improve my japanese.

9. Prepare prepare prepare. Always prepare things in advance and to always to read instructions properly. It's always good to be well prepared.

10. My masters project is the biggest part of my life in 2011 and the one which I placed the most priority on. Really gave it my all......but results have not been promising with set backs here and there. I have known that this path would be difficult and I sort of have predicted it. One would think that all the mental preparation would have prepared me for this but when the real thing happens, the impact of the blow is much bigger. But I am glad that I took the step to take it up.


Good bye 2011~!!! and hello 2012~!!

For 2012, I can feel that things are going to change for the better though for the first few months, I will have to try really hard and there might be some hurdles. Yes, come here 2012. I can't wait for whatever great things you have installed for me. Please take good care of my and lead me on to a shiny 2013!!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011


(Keizoku wa chikara nari)

The above literally translates to:
Perseverance is strength

Preserverance is a big thing because I felt that not many people can preservere. It's easy to take on new challenges and to let it go, but preserverance takes quite an effort. I love to try new things when I'm feeling adventurous. I've tried many things while young but also gave up quite easily.

Japanese is one thing that I have presevered with. The other is dance. I guess interest also played a role....heehe...

Yea, though I know that it is important to preservere, there are time when I thought that if enough is enough. Do I still want to preservere even when things have gone badly for so long or to give up? To give up on something after so long is not really what I would have done. But the thought of not getting anything out of this after a few years of preserverance is killing me!

Time, money and effort. Time is the main priority because lost time can never be chased back. Money is secondary because in a way time is money. Effort comes last because effort comes from within and there is nothing wrong with giving it your all everything you do something even if it will fail because you've tried your best. Yes, so time is definitely something that I fear to lose.

Rather than "time = money", I feel that "right timing = right opportunity".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, if you've noticed, I have deleted about half of the number of posts that I used to have. I'll continue to clear some of the old posts that I no longer want there.

It's been four years since I started using this blog, ever since Lina created it for me. I just saw that the very first post was made on 23.07.07. 

I saw that many of my first few posts were NEWS related before I started to include more about TVXQ. Lol.....I did really like both groups back then, especially NEWS which I continue to blog about even until now. 

Well, I did like them for like the longest time ever and even back in 2007, I had a post where I claiming that it was my dream to attend a NEWS concert (even though a japanese concert has always been my dream, but to attend a NEWS concert was my no. 1). haaha.....that was still one of my biggest wish till recently. After so many years of wanting to attend it......but now it will never come true. :(

After screening through some of my oldest posts, I could see that my posts remain pretty much the same: sharing about things that I like.....such as music, dance, food, japan and science. Of course, every now and then I would be complaining about some stuffs that bugged me or some bad days. 

It's quite sad to delete some of the posts actually because it's like tearing pages off your diary and burning them. But this is after all and online blog and there are things that I want to keep private. 

I had initially thought of closing up this blog or password protecting it. But then I have decided to keep it. :) There are many things that I have shared here that I want to remain as it is, which is why I have resorted to deleting posts that I no longer want instead.


On the side note, I really like this necklace that Taipi always wears. This cute little apple with a little golden heart-shaped indentation is an original from LV. It looks absolutely amazing and so is the price!!!

I love it because it looks classy and it is fashionable. Red and gold just go so well together. You can even use it as a charm on your bracelet if you don't want to wear it on your neck.

There's a saying, "You are the apple of my eye"....... yea and this pendant gives me the feeling of , "Apple of my heart"! hahaha......I feel that this would make a meaningful gift for someone that you love.

I always like the accessories that Taipi's almost like we have similar tastes in jewelleries. I like "things" which symbolises "love" and the necklaces that he wears just seem like that to me.