Saturday, December 17, 2011


(Keizoku wa chikara nari)

The above literally translates to:
Perseverance is strength

Preserverance is a big thing because I felt that not many people can preservere. It's easy to take on new challenges and to let it go, but preserverance takes quite an effort. I love to try new things when I'm feeling adventurous. I've tried many things while young but also gave up quite easily.

Japanese is one thing that I have presevered with. The other is dance. I guess interest also played a role....heehe...

Yea, though I know that it is important to preservere, there are time when I thought that if enough is enough. Do I still want to preservere even when things have gone badly for so long or to give up? To give up on something after so long is not really what I would have done. But the thought of not getting anything out of this after a few years of preserverance is killing me!

Time, money and effort. Time is the main priority because lost time can never be chased back. Money is secondary because in a way time is money. Effort comes last because effort comes from within and there is nothing wrong with giving it your all everything you do something even if it will fail because you've tried your best. Yes, so time is definitely something that I fear to lose.

Rather than "time = money", I feel that "right timing = right opportunity".

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