Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, if you've noticed, I have deleted about half of the number of posts that I used to have. I'll continue to clear some of the old posts that I no longer want there.

It's been four years since I started using this blog, ever since Lina created it for me. I just saw that the very first post was made on 23.07.07. 

I saw that many of my first few posts were NEWS related before I started to include more about TVXQ. Lol.....I did really like both groups back then, especially NEWS which I continue to blog about even until now. 

Well, I did like them for like the longest time ever and even back in 2007, I had a post where I claiming that it was my dream to attend a NEWS concert (even though a japanese concert has always been my dream, but to attend a NEWS concert was my no. 1). haaha.....that was still one of my biggest wish till recently. After so many years of wanting to attend it......but now it will never come true. :(

After screening through some of my oldest posts, I could see that my posts remain pretty much the same: sharing about things that I like.....such as music, dance, food, japan and science. Of course, every now and then I would be complaining about some stuffs that bugged me or some bad days. 

It's quite sad to delete some of the posts actually because it's like tearing pages off your diary and burning them. But this is after all and online blog and there are things that I want to keep private. 

I had initially thought of closing up this blog or password protecting it. But then I have decided to keep it. :) There are many things that I have shared here that I want to remain as it is, which is why I have resorted to deleting posts that I no longer want instead.


On the side note, I really like this necklace that Taipi always wears. This cute little apple with a little golden heart-shaped indentation is an original from LV. It looks absolutely amazing and so is the price!!!

I love it because it looks classy and it is fashionable. Red and gold just go so well together. You can even use it as a charm on your bracelet if you don't want to wear it on your neck.

There's a saying, "You are the apple of my eye"....... yea and this pendant gives me the feeling of , "Apple of my heart"! hahaha......I feel that this would make a meaningful gift for someone that you love.

I always like the accessories that Taipi wears......it's almost like we have similar tastes in jewelleries. I like "things" which symbolises "love" and the necklaces that he wears just seem like that to me. 

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