Saturday, April 28, 2012

Memphis Bistro

Went for dinner with my lab mates last year at one of the guy's dad restaurant. 

Really good food in a nice cozy restaurant at a quite area in Subang.
This is the lovely crab cake appetizer......oh, how I love this dish! It's a must try~

Escargot!!! with GARLIC!! and lots of it!!! with garlic bread too! Yum!yum~ Another great dish!

Love mushroom? Then try this protobello mushroom!!!

You can clearly see the owner's taste in music from the pictures on his wall and I bet you can already guess where he got the inspiration for the restaurant's name from.

One of the best mushroom soup ever!!! Full of flavour~

My main....asian style spaghetti with prawns! You may only see 2 half prawns here but there more of it hidden beneath the spaghetti! A really good serving! Good for big eaters~

This is a chicken dish, but I forgot the name. Looks yummy~

A beef dish.....As I don't eat beef, I can't really remember the name of any of the dishes with beef.

They serve premium beef too. This is rib-eye with foie gras butter.

This is my plate at the end of my meal .......yummeh~

No meal is complete without dessert! A no name dessert that was newly created by the chef.

A classic!

Who wouldn't love this? Warm, melty chocolate in the centre~

Will surely find time to go back again one day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Nandos at Sunway pyramid

This is only my......third time to Nando's. 
hehe.....when eating out, my preference is usually Japanese or Italian.

Love these wedges, they were really crispy on the outside! Yum~~

A healthy salad to keep the diet balanced.

The side dishes.....chips, grilled veges and a mixed bean salad. I would say that's a very healthy choice.....well, that's just cuz my dinner companion is a health conscious person.

Our 1/2 peri-peri chicken~

Overall is was a good meal. Nothing much to comment, it's something that I wouldn't mind eating but not something that I would crave for.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Seawitch's bday 2011

4 months late....but yea......

Had lunch together at Coffee Chemistry Signature at First Subang Mall.

Well seawitch is a coffee lover, so a place that serves good coffee would be ideal.

Hair was long and black back then.......hmm.....!

What does the non-coffee drinker do? She opts for tea...

This little appetizer was surprisingly good and the portion was huge, Mushrooms + Cheese + Egg~

The main was unfortunately a let down. This herb infused rice was too dry and hard, the veges were tasteless....

......the accompanying chicken in mushroom gravy was a huge let down too.

This smoke salmon salad on the other hand was lovely. Once again, huge portions~

The best part was the dressing, mangoes~!!!

No meal is complete without desserts, so we had macarons which.....were unfortunately not very good too.......

Yea, so I guess this is a good place for a light snack with a cuppa but so far we haven't been back....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ole-ole Bali

Had a gathering at Ole-ole Bali Sunway Pyramid with PM and other girls whom I used to dance with in years ago. was nice to see everyone again after more than 1 year.

It was a short gathering but a nice one together with the instructor who taught us,

Here are the things we had.....some tropical fruit smoothies.

I can no longer remember the name of this dish, but those chicken satay were lovely! They're my favourite among the 3. Then there's fried squid and chicken wings. Great for sharing as the portion is huge.

Next was a balinese style paste with seafood. Interesting flavours as it taste nothing like other pastas. 

Balinese style mixed rice served with a portion of vege and a HUGE piece of chicken. 

Well, basically the portion for everything was huge, so it's great for sharing among friends.

It was the first time I tried Ole-ole Bali. The interior design is pretty neat and this place is good for big eaters or having gatherings.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cacao macaron

I love love love macarons!! 

Should've posted these long ago, but I haven't been blogging for 4 months!

So here they are~~~

When I heard that cuzzie was coming back for cny from melb, I quickly asked if she's hear of Cacao Fine Chocolate and Pattisserie. I have read on blogs that they sell some of the best macarons. 

And lucky for me, cuzzie knew the place and she very nicely bought some back for me!!! :D

Yummy macarons~ Ever since I've tried the ones my friend brought back from London, macarons that I can get locally just doesn't satisfy me anymore.

But these.....they were heavenly! They have the qualities of what a good macaron should have.....crunchy on the outside, but not break apart when you bite into it. Then the insides should just melt nicely inside your mouth.......oooo........I wish to have some now too!

Cuzzie also got me some interesting flavours and mix'n'match like chocolate, raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry, coffee.....I no longer remember what is what now.....but all were delicious! 

Even after the long plane ride back, they still taste great, so imagine what would it be like to have some there?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dreams for the future

Today a lab mate talked to me about dreams for the future. She asked if I like what I was doing and if I could see myself doing it for life?

Recently she has been influenced by friends who have been doing really well and who are extremely inspirational. So she's been reading a lot of motivational books and self-learning books. It's nice to see her so motivated to learn new things and to upgrade her skills. At the same time, she has got me thinking too.

Though I usually think of all these things too, but it's nice to talk to someone about it.

At present, it's sad that my future looks blury because I cannot see the light ahead. But I'm trying my best here, hoping that I've picked the right route that would bring me to where I want to be. At present, other options don't seem to be able to fulfill that. I'm just praying that my hard work will eventually work out for the best.

Though I did regret letting go the recent chance that I had to work in Japan from some experts in the field, but it was only a 2 week thing. 2 week is just too short for me. I'm aiming for much more. I believe that the next chance will come to be again. I don't know, it's just a feeling that I have that I'm linked to Japan with some sort of invisible string.....haahahaa........

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I didn't even realize that it's been more than 4 months since I've updated this blog. heehe, so.......student life has been really taxing. I'm up at 6am and in the lab at 7am till 5pm. Research work really takes up a lot of a person's time. I've cut down on my dance lessons too which I've already cut down since last year.

Yup, after 4 months, it seems that the writer in me is itching to write again.....all I need right now is just more time to think and some extra motivation. Lol.......