Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is like mum and dad's favourite place to dine in.

We usually dine there during family day.

Last month they had this RM1 for 1 plate of chicken promotion which I thought must've been some gimmick with loads of T&C, but then no joke! They really gave us one whole place of chicken and it taste great! Look at it~ It's really quite worth it, where can you find such a great deal?

This is like my parent's favourite, roasted and bbq pork together on hk style wanton noodles. They would usually order a plate each.

It comes with a small bowl of soup.

This is really yummy~ A nice warm soup to warm the tummy on a cold rainy day. I love vegetable soups with eggs! The best thing was that the soup itself was really flavourful.

As for me, I love sui kaos aka dumplings! I was too hungry at that time that I forgot to take pic of it when it arrived! keeke......

Friday, June 1, 2012

Organic food at Sunway Pyramid

Trying to eat healthy~

My bean curd wrap herbal soup. The soup was nice but the bean curd wrap was pretty tough and tasteless while the papaya wrapped in it was super salty!!!

This came as a set with multi-grain rice, some more health side dished like boiled veges, pumpkin and papaya salad. There's even a bowl of soup and a piece of fruit.

This is the organic nasi lemal which I felt taste better than mine! The pumpkin was just soooo yummy and look at that egg!!! I love sunny sides!!!

Overall, it was a ok, but I don't think I will re-visit the place again. I've had better organic food else where.