Sunday, November 25, 2012


Lina, here are the pics as promised....though I am late....Sorry~

This is the cute card from Chong! the pink cat?? But I am a brown cat with stripes....that pink one must by my lover! hehehe...

This is from Lina~ I thought what did I do at first because the mail came from HK Uni. Then I saw the note inside. Mum was wondering what it was and I told her it was a passport holder.....turns out I'm right!!

It looks like is when you flip it open. Got a coin pocket and 2 smaller pockets for tickets or receipts. Good for travelling.

Then when you close it up, it's like this....just slightly bigger than a passport!

Thank you Chong and Lina!!! *Hug-hug* :D

Saturday, November 17, 2012

El-Toro, Subang Avenue

Had dinner at El Toro one night to visit a friend who worked as a Chef there. Here are some of the yummies....

Mushroom soup with garlic toast

They specialize in meat and as you can see from the shop name....but since I can't take beef, I had their chicken chop.

This is their tiramisu.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miraku, Paradigm Mall

Tried Miraku at Paradigm mall for the first time!

The place is quite secluded, but luckily there were sign boards around to lead you to the restaurant. Just exit at Starbucks, turn left and you can see them opposite to Bulgoggi brothers.

Here's what they served for appetizers!

Yummy....some fish with katsuobushi in some sauce. Very appetizing....

Katsu don perfection~

Mentaiko Ochazuke. This is the first time I see it being served in a Malaysian restaurant. If you like something warm and quite bland in taste, this is for you. Very healthy too~


One of their set meals that came with assorted sushis and 2 makis. Not bad.....

A complimentary california maki!!

Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance and I will definitely revisit to try other things on their menu.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day out with the girls

Had a great, fun day with the gals.

We went for lunch at Plan B in MidValley....late lunch to be exact.

It's funny how they all have adapted the habit to ask me to eat something first whenever they will be late for the fear that I might have gastric. Lol...

For starters, we had mushroom soup but I was too hungry that I chowed down the whole thing before remembering to snap a pic, so no pic!

This funny looking thing here is my very own creation. I had evenly distributed the chilli crab pasta for sharing among the 4 of us and topped it with one half of an egg's benedict! Yummy...can never go wrong with food at Plan B.


Not satisfied yet, so I ordered an extra pasta!

How can we end a meal without some desserts? This here is a macadamia chocolate tart from Alexis. It's my absolute favourite!!

Their famous tiramisu with strawberry sauce.

Still no I ordered some backed potatoes! hahaa.....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

First time ever.....
Not bad, I will come back for more flavours next time!