Sunday, March 24, 2013


Poor blogspot, I've totally neglected you for the past 2 months, posting only half-hearted posts every no and then. 

I've been very busy this year, especially after CNY, preparing for my proposal defense. Then even after the defense, I had to do some write up. Even up till a week before I go for my holiday, I'm still worrying about the new semester which starts tomorrow......*screams*....trying to 1) settle some undergraduate practical trial runs 2) trying to pry on when the first lab session for the subjects that I'm involved in starts. I don't want them to clash with my holiday *praying hard*. 3) Trying to find a way to contact new lecturers teaching the subjects who are.....well, not in campus yet.

So well, yea I'm praying really hard that everything gets resolved within the next 3 days so that I can fully enjoy my break!

And when I return, it will be work, work, work and more work again! hahaha......

Bottom are some pics from a Taiwanese restaurant in KLCC. The food is quite good, would definitely return there again.

Typical taiwanese restaurant style dishes:

Minced meat noodles

Yummy 3 cup chicken, thought I'm personally not a fan of basil

Delicious steam fish that comes in a lovely sauce

They all came as a set with rice, 3 appetisers and a soup.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


There's this little shop in my uni that sells Taiwanese styled fried chicken. While they're famous for their different flavoured fried chicken, my favourite is this fried potato covered with plum powder??? Well, not sure what it is, but the sweetness of the potato matches well with the slight sour taste of the powder.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Manhattan fish market

Manhattan Fish Market has some really good deals for students. All you have to do is just flash your student cards~

Mushroom soup. Considering the price, it's reasonably good.

It even comes with a drink of your choice.

Manhattan Baked Fish~ Full of garlic flavour.....yum~

Fish and Chips~