Friday, May 31, 2013

Cosmosquare and Osaka Maritime Museum

After our trip to the science museum, we decided to head towards the end of the line to check out the maritime museum because cuzzie wants to see the architecture of the dome.

For once, we rode in an empty train!

What better thing to do than to camwhore there~ hahaha.....

Finally at the bay area with the maritime museum in the background!

So beautiful~

My attempt at a panaromic shot~

Loving the weather and the beautiful sky~

The path there is just so nice~ I can totally walk along this stretch everyday!

Clean walkway, lined with sakuras and you even get a view of the sea with sea breeze blowing at you.

So sad.....the trees here have not recovered from winter yet.

What's even sadder is that the maritime museum was closed during the period that we were there!!!

It was totally our mistake as it was written in the booklet but we've missed it!!

Oh well, at least the view was still enjoyable!


At Cosmosquare station, at the end of Subway Chuo Line.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Osaka Science Museum at Osakako

Day 7~

Breakfast at Namba station at cookhouse bakery~

I love egg mayo~

Green tea bun filled with red bean and mochi~

Those 2 look yummy~ and I love how they packed the burgers~

Guess we were too early, the shelves were not filled yet~

After breakfast, we headed towards the Osaka Science Museum using our Osaka Unlimited 2-day pass. 

The station is quite a distance from the museum....

On the way there~

Yay~ just across the bridge~

Spotted the Osaka Art Museum~

Cuzzie for the arts....

...and myself for the science!

Inside the museum

Since we used the unlimited pass, we didn't have to pay for anything! :D

This reminded me of Sailormoon! hahaha.....

Chemistry anyone?

Material chemistry.....

I wonder how comfy it is to walk in this....looks really huge and bulky.

Finally something more of my field~ hahahaa natural medicine~

The fun part~

hahaha....chubby us~

Infinity mirror?

Cool effect!

ooo......hello there~

Look who I spotted!! Albert Einstein!

A little exercise.....

I weight only 20 kg on Mars!!! hahaha

Exercising again to try and generate electricity but it was a major failure!

The other end of the art museum~

Stopped by this shop on the way back to the station to have a quick lunch. Ordering through a machine again!

Touch screen panels~

The interior~ Guess salary men commonly frequent the place, looking at the setting.

Cute manga~

My mini oyakodon~

This is fast becoming cousin's favourite food. hahaha.....

Some extra condiments for the udon and free ocha!!


Visiting a science museum is not for everyone. For me it's cuz I'm interested in science and I have always wanted to visit a science museum in Japan! So I'm really glad that we went and to look at their exhibits. Don't think one should go if they cannot read Japanese.