Saturday, August 24, 2013


Every single time I walk into a convenient store and see this, I will buy 2 kiss mints just because I want the free folder that comes with it! hehehe......

Last day~

Walked around Amemura aka American Village.

Love all these cute lamp posts! Every single one of them poses differently from the other! 

How can we come to Japan and not get into one of these~

Pick one that you like best......

Check out what makes each one special or different from the other before entering one. 

No queue outside?

Enter and you will be greeted by this....
This was one of the machine that we chose.

It takes pictures with very sweet and girly background~

Plus gives you a nice skin tone too~

After the picture session, exit and enter the next booth to decorate the pictures~

There will be 2 monitors for editing the pictures, so there's no need to fight!

Whatever you do to the pictures will also appear on your partner's monitor.

It's really quite cool, there's so much you can do to the pictures!

No one can look bad in a purikura.

Especially when the machine already enlarges our eyes and *ahem* smoothed and whitened up our skin~

.......and when you're done just print or send the picture to your phone.

After our purikura session, it was time to say goodbye~

I wish to visit again soon~

Was thinking of grabbing a nice dinner at the airport but unfortunately for us, queue was kinda long and we got a shock when the person said that our flight has arrived and will take off earlier. So we just rushed to the terminal and there was only one stall that was still open that late at night.

Another 2 bowls of soba for us....hahahaha.....what a coincidence that our first and least meal for this trip were the exact same things.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweets Paradise, La Porte, Shinsaibashi

Shopped at Shinsaibashi~

Walked past this cute shop selling lolita clothes and omg.....soooo expensive!!

It was drizzling, but luckily we were in a covered area.

We soon arrive at La Porte and nope, not for Zara.......

....but for this!!!

Sweets paradise~

Pay for your ticket at the vending machine and eat all you can for the allocated time slot!

As the name suggests, it's mostly cakes. If there's only 1/2 pieces left, they will immediately replace it with a new cake.

Spoiled with choices~

This is a pretty normal plate, you should see how big the other's plates were.

They have some savoury stuffs too like pasta, soups, curry rice and takoyaki.

But I feel that this is a place more for hanging out and chatting with friends, rather than a place you really visit for the food. You can get much better cakes at other bakeries, but of course this is much cheaper for the amount of cakes that one can eat.

Plus we get to dine in a nice, quiet environment with air con.

If you happen to pass by do try it. It's located on the 6th floor of La Porte Shinsaibashi.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kani Doraku

Last day in Japan!

The last day was supposed to be out chill day....where we just hang around our hotel area, shop and do whatever touristy things that we have not done.

Breakfast at the station~

Love japanese bakeries, this one here is a sakura pan.

Exploring the streets in the area....

Walked back to the famous Namba shopping area......and how could we not enter H&M!

One very touristy thing to do there is to have crabs!!!

We went to Kani Doraku, the huge building with a moving crab on it.

Still pretty empty ans it was early. But this was only on one of the floors. We were on the first floor. They have several floors.

The meal is of course not that cheap! But it's something that we have not tried before.

How thoughtful, they even provided a lovely basket for our bags.

We had one of the crab kaiseki set.

This is the first one......boiled crab? or steam? I'm not sure, but I definitely love how they opened the crab up nicely for you so you can just eat it with your chopsticks or.......the silver looking stick above, which is wonderful for crabs!! I never knew such a thing existed before this meal!!! 

This is the raw one with fresh wasabi.

This is the best siew mais we ever had!!! The juiciest!!! and the skin was super smooth and thin!!!! 

Our crab rice still cooking on the next table.

Roasted crab~

Tmepura crab~

The crab rice~ Take out the crab, remove the meat and replace them into the pot and mix well.

......and this is what you will end up with!

Add the broth~ oooo......super yummy~

Lastly, you end the meal with match and vanilla ice cream~!!! <3