Monday, September 30, 2013

Tiger Kingdom

I think that Chiang Mai is a really great place for those who love nature as there are many activities that you can do there that are associated with nature and animals.

For lunch, our guide brought us to Tiger Kingdom where we had lunch while looking at the tigers.

One thing not to miss -coconut! Great for a hot day~

Papaya salad~ of the best one we had in Chiang Mai. Topped with different sauces on different side.

Seafood pizza~

Definitely not a very Thai meal from the looks of it....but hey, we had Thai tom yum and other Thai dishes too.....just that I was too hungry and had chomped on them before I could snap any pics~ keke....

Overall, it was a good meal if not for all the flies that were flying around us. Expect to pay a higher price for food here as this is a tourist place after all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

First time in Chiang Mai

Family trip to Chiang Mai~! which is a first time destination for all of us.

Landed at their international airport and our guide was no where to be found! Waited for about 30mins and still no sign of him! Plus I couldn't get in touch with him!!

I got fed up and got on a taxi to the hostel.

When we arrived at the hostel, the staff told me that a taxi driver came to look for me ^_^!!

Called him using the hostel phone which I had to pay to use to get him to come to the hostel to pick us up.

We eventually found out that he went to the wrong departure seriously? I'm flying into your country, of course I will be in the international arrival hall!

Even though things didn't started out smoothly, the day was still great nonetheless.

First stop was Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, which is a temple located on top of the hill, about 15km from the city of Chiang Mai.

I enjoyed the ride there, thank goodness I was in a car and not those red trucks. On the way up you can see Chiang Mai city, kinds reminds of my trip to Mount Rokko.

Finally we arrive after more that half an hour. 

Taking the angled/ slanted elevator up to the temple which was located on top.

I think there's something like this in Penang that was built not too long ago too.

A popular picture spot!

Behind here are several praying areas. Didn't take much picture as I was praying.

There are even performances.....

This is the staircase to get to the temple if you opt not to take the elevator.

All around the temple area....

Nice view of the city

Sky was clearing as it just drizzled in the morning.