Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

After lunch, it was elephant time~

The guide brought us to the Mae Sa Elephant Camp!

Here we got to ride on elephants. This is definitely a one in a life time experience because I don't think I ever want to ride on another elephant again. Not that I don't like them.....but because I find the ride scary. Plus I'm not sure if the elephant likes having the huge chair on its back.

These elephants are really smart. When you bring out a camera, they get all excited. The one that I am on was trying to clean itself  from dust by blowing its trunk all around itself and it just keeps flapping its ears. 
Also, the elephant that I'm riding on is sooo naughty. This is him trying to disturb the other elephant.

After the ride, it was time for some elephant show. Many people have commented on how it is not good to support these sort of shows because it is sorta like animal cruelty.

Yea, but from the show you can really see how smart the elephants are.

Whatever you can do, they can do too~

Including painting and they definitely paint better than I do.

Look~ So pretty!

This one here totally stole the entire show!

After that it was a photo session.

I'm not sure if the elephants were badly treated in anyway...hope not! But overall, it was a great experience! Though the ride was scary, I enjoyed it and I love how cute the elephants were during the show.