Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pasta Zanmai, Paradigm Mall

Yet another long break before this post...... Can't believe how difficult it is for me to keep posting more often.

Decided to blog today because it was a good day as we celebrated tham's bday.

Had some yummy food while we catch up.

After dinner, we watched Maleficent on the day it premiered here. Hehee....

(Long over due post from May that I've written but not posted)

I just couldn't resist. When I first heard the song that they played in the trailer, I knew I HAD to watch it! Glad I did as I enjoyed it!

Once again, I'm thankful to have great friends whom I could just have a good meal and talk about anything without any reservations.

Here's what we had at pasta zanmai. 

Seafood risotto

Pesto chicken pasta

Soft shell crab tortilla sushi

Pizza! Always enjoy their pizza because of the crunchy base and tangy sauce.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Golden Triangle

After On way to the Golden Triangle, we made a pit stop at another temple.

Finally we have arrived at a little stall for lunch which faces the Golden Triangle!

Why Golden Triangle? Well cause it's the place where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.

The one-woman-show......she prepared our lunch that day!

Unfortunately I only managed to snap a pic of the salad........ :(

Me sitting at the front of the boat on the way to the Laos was a rough ride and this was the best picture I managed before I screamed my lungs out because the ride was super bumpy and I was afraid that I will fly off the boat into the dirty river!
Apparently there's a casino there for very rich China tourists......well, according to our guide anyways.

Finally at the border and this is what greets us!

Loads of knock-off bags for sale!

More snake liquor!

Nothing much to do there and hence, back we go~

This is the temple just near the boat docking area. Very nice~ I like how we can see the Buddha from afar on the boat! 

After that it was time to move on to the next location again.....


I read online that there's this really famous ice cream stall in nimanhaenim which is like an area for the younger crowds in chiang mai and hence decided to give the place a visit. 

Spotted a row really colourful buildings on the way there. 

Was really happy when I spotted the iberry sign till we reached the place to find out that it's closed for some upgrading....

This place is truly packed with small interesting cafes. 

Hmm...They use bamboo as scaffolding for construction. 

On the way out to look for a tuk tuk, we spotted a small stall runned by a thai family that serves bbq chicken with thai sticky rice.

Yummy!!!! Absolutely love their papaya salad and chicken. 

Taste so good and yet so cheap! 

At the border to Myanmar

This is at the border of Thailand to Myanmar.

On the way to the customs are various food stalls, here is one that sells cute fish balls in the form of angry birds!

The customs.

Along the side are more shops that sells clothes and jewelries.

Many of the items seem to be sold at a higher price and I can see tourists haggling there.

This is the spot where you take a picture to prove that you've been to the border...hehe.....

....and right behind is a dirty river. ^_^!

I was at the northern most of Thailand!

Yummy-looking peaches from one of the stalls there. We bought some and true enough, they were really sweet!