Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dinner after speech contest

After the speech contest, we were give a small tour in the 50th anniversary building before being escorted to a hall in one of the buildings in the campus for a dinner with esteemed guests.

Even at the dinner, you can see how formal the guests are dressed and how straight they were seated.

Us, the foreign delegates were all seated on this table.

hahaha.....we look so informal in this formal setting.

Food were already on the table when we arrived. Talk about arriving late!!!

Us with the Prime minister's wife. Truly an honour to have met and spoke with her.

Gained an extra friend from Myanmar who was also a contestant previously.

Overall it was a good night where we got to mingle with many people and I even got to try fugu sashimi which was prepared from the fugu that was grown in campus at the research facility that we had visited earlier in the day. The meat was though and hence I didn't enjoy it very much but it was good to know that they were from fugu that does not have any poison~! kekeke......

Bus trip back to the international house.....we were all happy and relieved that the toughest day of the trip had ended.


Hence, the beginning of the karaoke session!

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling too well that night, so I had to adjourn early back to my room.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Speech contest

Finally it was time for the speech contest!

Opening speech was given by Ms. Akie Abe.

Someone very nicely snapped a picture of us paying full attention to her. 

The audience who all seemed to be dressed in either black, grey or white. I can see that there were many high school students.

Was enjoying the speech~

Even the guest of honours seem to agree~

Kuro-chan from Hanoi as the first presenter.

Followed by Yuyi from Beijing.

Next up was everyone's little sister, Na young-chan from Korea. The youngest but definitely do not under estimate her japanese level.

Ukei-san from Shanghai~

"Shiro-chan" also from DaNang, whose nickname was given by kuro-chan.

Then it was my turn.....stuttered really badly at the beginning, but I'm glad that I was able to complete my speech.

Matthew from Australia.

Guess from Nepal~

A great friend-Ashita, from Sri Lanka~

Ryu from ChengDu~

And lastly, YuHang from Nan Jing.

After the stressful presentation, we were treated to some fun japanese dance by the local dance club.

We were even invited to join the on stage~

Really great for relieving stress, plus I had fun!

The 2 from China seem to be having loads of fun~

After the prize presentation, we had a group photo session~

3rd place was Ukei-san , 1st place was Nayoung-chan and in 2nd place Ashita-san.

Super proud of them for doing so well~!!!

This speech contest had been a great experience. Just the opportunity to be there is amazing~ 

Though I did not presented as well as I should have, I've truly enjoyed myself and I've learnt that one can never be too prepared. It was the lack of preparation that caused me to stutter in the first place. This means that in future, I should no slack and be more prepared when it comes to formal presentations.