Monday, January 26, 2015

Yeh Liu Geopark

XQ came over to where I was staying to have breakfast together.

I had a pork sandwich while she had a simple salad. I feel so unhealthy now! hahaha.....

After breakfast, we met up with her friends at the Taipei City Hall Station to catch a bus to visit Yeh Liu Geopark.

Then we arrived at the bay area~

The necessary tourist picture!

Only NT80 for a ticket


I think these people were trying to touch the sea water

Path towards the Gueitou mountain

So pretty~

This is the famous Queen's head, which is a mushroom rock

We had to queue just to snap picture with the Queen's head

I'm truly enjoying the sea breeze and amazing view~ Not so much the hot sun though.

I think this is supposed to be the peanut

The water was clear, with the exemption of plastic bottle dump in there by tourists!

Group shots here and there!

It's seriously hard to get a shot with no one in the background because there were many tourists there.

Loving the view of the Pacific Ocean~

Look at those guys fishing over there! Heard that you need a license to fish there!

This here is the Princess head

Honeycomb weathering

No idea what these are.....

Candle shape rock

Spot the red line? Tourists are not supposed to cross that line and if you do, the patrols there will blow their whistle at you!

At first we thought that this resembled the olympic torch!

After much closer examination......

We thought that it looked like ice cream. And it is!!!

XQ what are you doing!

Pearl rock

Albeit a bit hot, the weather was great when we were there, look at that perfect blue sky~

Only when we were exiting did I spit this banner! Should've snapped a pic of it before entering so that I wouldn't be so lost while trying to identify what was what!

As you can see, there are many of them, but due to my lack of imagination, I only managed to identify less than half of them!

Next up was lunch at this cafe called Shark Bites Toast

Some interesting looking drinks they have there!

Mine! Super refreshing!!

Another ice blended drink to help cool us off!

Look at those pancakes! So fluffy~

On the walk back, we passes by an area where there was a stall selling crabs fresh from the sea.

hello there~

Must be good as there were many people there! Probably work a visit next time~

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