Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chef Low's Organic Kitchen

This was from Peng and Eric's trip to KL.

As Mari is vegetarian, we had dinner together at Chef Low's organic kitchen at 10 Boulevard.

Curry noddles~
This was really flavourful!

Delicious yam basket

Hawaiian Pizza
Love the thin and crunchy crust with the thick layer of cheese on top! :D

Fruit tea~
Always enjoy the fruit tea here especially when it's warm

Stir-fried lotus root with pine nuts

This was pretty interesting, a strawberry and mango kebab. Seems like a dessert, but we had it together with all of our savoury dishes.

A seaweed maki roll drenched in sauce

I've been to Chef Low multiple times and the food is always good!

As with previous visits, the food was good and so was the ambience! It was also great that all my friends enjoyed the food there too~

Group pic

Peng and I

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